March 30, 2023

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Doctor Who “Genesis Of The Daleks Part 5”

The Fourth Doctor. "Genesis of the Daleks," Episode Five.

You know something?  I’m starting to think Davros is kind of a dick.

Yes, he sure is doing dickish things.  Considering he only has one good limb, that’s saying something.

First, he does get the Doctor to spill on how the Daleks lost so many times in the future.  The Doctor does it only to save Harry and Sarah Jane.  Why are they in danger?  Because Davros is a dick.

Meanwhile, Daleks continue to massacre as many Thals as they can.  Because Davros is a dick.

And then Davros has Harry and Sarah Jane tossed into a prison cell with a Kaled scientist who thought Davros was going too far.  Of course Davros was going too far.  He’s a dick!

Now, the Doctor tries reasoning with Davros.  As another scientist, perhaps Davros can see the error in his ways.  The Doctor even tries a hypothetical example of what Davros would do if he designed a virus that would wipe out all life in the universe.  Would Davros use it?  Of course Davros would.  He’s a dick, and with the kind of power such a virus would give him, he’d be a powerful dick.

The Doctor does try to threaten Davros by restraining that dick’s one good arm and switching the life support on his hoverchair off momentarily.  Davros will give the order to shut down the Dalek program under duress, but he’s saved by his Kaled assistant, also a dick.

Yes, that does mean the Doctor was knocked out again.

But now the Doctor is tossed into the cell with Harry, Sarah Jane, and the rebel Kaled.  They aren’t there long.  That rebellion is getting bigger.  Why shouldn’t it?  Everyone knows Davros is a dick.

Hell, Davros won’t even use his loyal troops to take down the rebels, much to the chagrin of his dick assistant.  Instead, he recalls the Daleks, probably to use against the rebel leaders he agrees to talk to.

What a dick.

Now, the Doctor knows you can’t deal with dicks, so he takes his companions down to raid the armory.  He’s going to get some explosives and blow up the fleshy parts that go inside the Dalek casings.

But it seems those things fight back without the casings.  The episode ends with them trying to throttle the Doctor.

There are too many dicks on planet Skaro.

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