November 29, 2021

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Good Omens “The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives”

Finale Episode.

So, the world is on the brink.  The Four Horsemen started a nuclear countdown.  Heaven and Hell are gearing up for a fight.  And most of the human race can’t do anything about it.  The only thing that may stop it are a couple witchfinders, a witch, a fortune teller, three human kids, a demon, an angel, and the Antichrist.

That last one might tip the balance.

In fact, it does.  Adam has no interest in destroying anything.  He’s just a kid with phenomenal cosmic powers.  And, well, the adults don’t seem to have much to do either.  Adam’s friends rather easily take out three of the four Horsemen because they only exist because humans created them.  As such, humans can defeat them.  Now, Death is an exception, but after Newton accidentally destroys the computer that will launch the nukes, he has no reason to stick around either.

And that’s more or less that.  Much of this episode was not part of the original novel.  Aziraphale and Crowley both evade punishment by swapping appearances.  Aziraphale stops the angels and demons using basic semantics.  Satan appears, but he doesn’t last long when Adam tells him to get lost, giving Benedict Cumberbatch something like six lines total.  But, in the end, it looks like no one died and almost everything was reset.  Crowley got his car back, and Aziraphale his book shop.

So, that would be that.  The world goes on, and people learn to live on their own, I suppose.  How was this mini-series?  Good for the most part.  It maybe went a little long in this last episode, but it was a fun trip.  There probably couldn’t be a better adaptation of the original novel.  I just wish the Other Four Bikers of the Apocalypse had popped up.  Let’s say this was 8.5 out of 10 blasts of Queen.

But hey, we have to go to something else now.  Might as well take a look at the second season of Big Little Lies.

Now with Meryl Streep!

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