April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “Genesis Of The Daleks Part 4”

The Fourth Doctor. "Genesis of the Daleks," Episode Four.

The Doctor got quite the shock last episode.  But he’s not dead.

Not yet anyway.

Yes, the Doctor wasn’t killed.  The charge left him stunned but otherwise OK.  Now he’s a prisoner of the Thals.  The missile takes off, and thanks to Davros, easily gets through the Kaled dome.  All the Kaleds are now dead aside from the relative handful working in Davros’ bunker.

But Davros doesn’t care for the Thals either.  As soon as they start celebrating and releasing all their prisoners (including the Doctor), he sends the Daleks in to shoot anything that moves.

It’s like you can’t trust a mad scientist who cackles some very Dalek-like lines.  He even has the scientist who helped the Doctor killed by blaming that poor schmuck for the dome’s destruction.

As for the Doctor, he thinks he got Harry and Sarah Jane killed.  Feeling down, he rescues a random Thal woman and urges her to put together a strike force with whatever Thals and Mutos she can find.

And then he finds Harry and Sarah Jane are just fine.  They just missed getting blown to kingdom come.  And they still have a mission to do, namely to sneak back into Davros’ lab and try to stop the Daleks.  Also, Davros has the Doctor’s Time Ring, and they can’t get home without it.

Besides, Davros is getting worse.  He ordered all the Daleks have their consciences turned off.  They won’t know right from wrong.  They’ll just listen to Davros shout “EXTRERMINATE” or something along those lines.

Well, that would be bad enough.  What makes things worse is the Doctor and his companions, after avoiding the giant underground oysters, are captured by Davros.

Oh, and he knows the Doctor is from the future.  Hearing about all the death and destruction the Daleks will cause only makes him happier.  Will the Doctor share why the Daleks failed so many times?  Nope!

Will he share if they hook him up to a machine that will cause him pain if he doesn’t answer?  Nope!

What if they hook Harry and Sarah Jane up to the machine?