March 26, 2023

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Doctor Who “Genesis Of The Daleks Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "Genesis of the Daleks," Episode 3.

In the previous episode, Sarah Jane fell off some high scaffolding.  Does she plummet to her death?

She has a spin-off decades in her future.  Of course she doesn’t.

No, she lands on a platform a bit further down.  She’s fine.  She even gets up to the top of the missile to climb out with the Muto she befriended.

The Thals then show up and stop them.

Eh, it’s not all bad.  They don’t need to build the missile anymore.  It’s finished.  Oh sure, the Thals aren’t letting them go.  And the backwash from the missile launch will kill all the prisoners anyway.  But they don’t have to work on the missile anymore!

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Harry get to see the Kaled government reps who don’t like what Davros is doing.  The two then opt to tell the Kaleds everything.  Yes, everything.  And the Kaleds agree to help.  They just need more evidence, so for now, all they can do it order Davros to stop his experiments.  These guys aren’t too worried about the Thal missiles since they have a nice dome to protect them.

Yes, Davros built it.

The Kaleds tell Davros to stop making his Daleks and wait for an investigation to finish things up.

Then they help the Doctor sneak into Thal headquarters so he and Harry can rescue Sarah Jane,.

Man, this seems to be going pretty well.  How many episodes is this serial?  Six?  What episode is this one?  Three?

OK, something needs to go wrong.

That something is Davros going to the Thal government and offering a solution to let the Thal missile through the Kaled dome.  He says something about how it will bring peace, but he privately tells his sidekick it doesn’t much matter.  He just wants to stop the people trying to stop him.

Fortunately, Harry and the Doctor overhear all that.  They then find Sarah and let her and the other prisoners go.  Harry escorts them all back to the tunnels, but the Doctor opts to try and defuse the missile.

And he gets electrocuted as the closing credits start.  Why is this Doctor so clumsy?

Eh, I kinda like that.  It creates more suspense.

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