July 23, 2024

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Merlin “A Lesson In Vengeance”

Series Five, Episode Seven.

Well, they’re really gonna lean into the “Gwen is evil now” storyline.  I’m fine with that.  Actress Angel Coulby actually has something to do now.  The mixed looks of concern/distaste she keeps tossing off are some good stuff.

Besides, they gotta fill this last series with something until we get to the big final battle.  Evil Gwen is as good as anything.

It’s Arthur and Gwen’s wedding anniversary.  Arthur remembered, possibly with Merlin’s help.  It’s vague.  But then, something bad happens.  A small explosion knocks Arthur off his horse, and then some guys run out to kill him.  However, he’s still Arthur, so that plans fails because he didn’t go out unarmed.

But someone messed with Arthur’s saddle!  That means it’s time to interrogate the stable boy, and…

Wait…it’s Samwell Tarly!

You know, they don’t call him that, but it’s clearly Samwell Tarly.  Maybe now we can find out the real reason he Took the Black.

Anyway, yes, Sam saw something, but he didn’t mess with the king’s saddle.  And he clearly didn’t.  This is the most harmless guy they could have possibly found.  Merlin finds out he didn’t do anything, but he saw the person who did, and that person threatened his mother.

That makes sense.  I’m not sure Sam would mind if someone threatened his father.  That guy was a dick who maybe didn’t deserve to die in a fire, but he did anyway.  Though you’d think Sam would have just asked his kid brother Percival for help there.  Or just gone to the Wall.  He could have gone to the Wall.

Look, Gwen is evil now, so she was the one threatening Sam’s mother.  And then she goes down to the dungeon and stabs Sam.


Man, now I’m depressed.  Sam didn’t deserve that.  He could have replaced Geoffrey of Monmouth as the new Grandmaester.  Or maybe that’s Gaius.  Probably Gaius.

I’m so depressed by Sam’s untimely and wrong death, that I will just add Morgana got some poison, Gwen used it, framed Merlin, but he got loose and cured Arthur with magic.  Then Gwen “conveniently” got her hands on the vials so Arthur could arrest the apothecary who made the stuff.  But not Morgana.  Merlin is on to Evil Gwen now, and the look she gives him says she’s knows he knows, ya know?

OK, Morgana got Sam killed through Gwen.  She may have gone too far by now.  You know what happens when you mess with a Man of the Night’s Watch?

Someone is gonna get it now.