June 22, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Blade Of Marmora”

Season Two, Episode Eight.

You know, Keith has had that dagger for a while.  Maybe he should learn something about it.

OK, so, the castle flies off to Blade of Marmora headquarters, and man, it is well hidden.  It’s next to a blue giant star between two black holes.

It takes huge balls to build a base like that.

Anyway, unless Allura’s blatant racism ruins everything, Shiro believes they can get some new allies in the fight against Zarkon here.  And hey, good news:  the Blade guys will let two people come in.  They just have to come in unarmed.  Shiro opts to take Keith since the guy has been itching to see these guys for a few episodes now.

Of course, the reason for taking Keith is Shiro needs to advice Keith to be a little less impetuous.  See, Shiro wants Keith to take over the Paladins in case something bad happens to him.  That and the Red Lion can withstand heat from various stars better than the others.

So, here we go.  Are the Blade of Marmora guys friendly?  Not really.  See, Keith brought that dagger and broke the “come unarmed” rule.  Now the Blade guys think Keith is a thief since they don’t exactly give those things away.  He has two options:  give up the dagger (and answers he might want) or run the gauntlet.

He opts to run the gauntlet.

First, that means getting smacked around by increasing number of guys.

Then it means hallucinating people telling him to give up, starting with Shiro.

Oh, and then the Red Lion freaks out because Keith freaked out.

Eventually, Keith decides to give up the dagger because, well, he ain’t gettin’ anywhere, and they need him to be more mature with the whole “Voltron” thing.

And self-sacrifice activates the dagger, making it into a bigger sword.  That was the real test.  It turns out Keith is half-Galra or something on his mother’s side.

So, good news:  the Blade of Marmora offers their services to Allura and the Paladins, but they need to act fast.  Zarkon could be closing in.  The Marmoran’s spy will probably get caught soon.  Fortunately, the Blade has a plan…