July 23, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Super Sons Volume 2

Superboy and Robin find themselves in another dimension when a simple mission seems to go awry.

Damien Wayne and Jon Kent could not be more different.  Damien is cocky, bossy, and believes he knows everything.  Jon is sweet, obeys his parents, and just wants to help people.  And prior to the current Superman series, the two had a team-up book of their own.  The first volume was fine, so what about the second?

Well, I did get to that one, subtitled Planet of the Capes.

Jon and Damien are going out on patrol.  Or, more accurately, Damien believes he is taking Jon out to train.  Did anyone tell Damien that?  Not really, but he assumes as much anyway.  Problems arrive when Damien’s Teen Titans arrive in Metropolis.  At first, Jon doesn’t join them because he’s only ten.  But then circumstances force Jon’s joining them for a mission.

And then, after that, Jon and Damien, still arguing, get sucked into an alternate dimension.

Now, writer Peter J Tomasi has a good handle on both Damien and Jon.  I just wish Damien wasn’t such an unlikable punk.  The kid thinks he knows better than everybody and treats everyone, especially Jon, as beneath him somehow.  I don’t need him to be friendlier or anything.  I just want him to be less unpleasant.  You know, like how Bruce Wayne usually comes across.

As it is, the series is fine, even fun and creative, but it doesn’t really grab me as well as, say, Tomasi’s other Superman stories.  The series shows the two boys are clearly opposites in many ways, but I don’t know that I will ever really care about Damien Wayne.

8 out of 10 new bases.