March 30, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Sontaran Experiment Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Sontaran Experiment," Episode One.

What’s this?  A two-part serial?  Those don’t happen very often.  Then again, this serial picks up where the last one left off, so it could just be the end of the previous serial.  Plus, for the end of this season of the show, the new Doctor gets to meet some classic Who villains.

Oh, and he gets knocked out again.

So, the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane all beam down to the future Earth.  Looks like a big field with brown grass and some not-quite-working-right teleporters.  The Doctor lands OK.  Harry beams back and forth a couple times.  Sarah Jane materializes upside down.  And where are they?  Future London.

Since the Doctor is busy, the other two wander off.  And therein lies the problem for these people.

See, if they stuck together, maybe there wouldn’t be problems.  Instead, they have problems.

First, Harry falls down a hole.  He stays down there for the rest of the episode.  Sure, he may be finding a way out, but he’s down there.

Sarah Jane tries to get the Doctor for help.  But some astronaut jumps her.  Why?  Well, he escaped some alien who was doing experiments on humans.  There are a few who weren’t on the ark.  This one with Sarah Jane managed to escape.

As for the Doctor, when he finishes his work, he tries to find the others. But the other astronauts find him and hit him with a stun gun.  These guys are…less friendly.  They’re fleeing a rather pathetic-looking robot.  Roth, the one with Sarah Jane, says the robot works for the alien.  Also, one of the other guys may also be working with the alien.  Roth distracts them while Sarah Jane frees the Doctor.  The three flee, but the Doctor…also falls down a hole.  Then the robot shows up to capture Roth and Sarah Jane.

Mental note:  always watch out for holes.

And then the alien shows up.  It’s a Sontaran!

Just like the title of the serial says would be.

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