April 17, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ark In Space Part 3”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Ark in Space," Episode Three.

When your commander gets infested by alien slime, nothing good can come of that.

Unless you have a Doctor on your side.

Yes, Captain Noah has a hand that appears to be infected with green alien bubble wrap.  That always causes problems.  It’s also influencing his mind.  He does manage to control himself long enough to put Vira in charge, so that’s something.

Now, I know I didn’t mention this before, but why are these people out there?  It would seem that the ark left at some point in the distant past when solar flares hit the Earth.  Now they’re going back to rebuild.  I would think solar flares would make rebuilding anything rather impossible if they were that bad, but what do I know?  I’m not a British sci-fi TV writer.  However, it should be apparent why having alien creatures like the Wirrn infecting everybody might be a problem.  That’s what the Doctor sees as his mission now, and he’s going to do something about it.  He starts by asking Harry to run an autopsy on the giant dead insect to see what killed it.  These things have to have a weakness.

That doesn’t yield much.  Vira and the Doctor go off to check other parts of the ship, only to be attacked by Noah.  And he’s a lot slimier than he was before.  He does drop his gun, and the Doctor and Vira get back to the control room.  Did Harry find out anything?  Only that the Wirrn can survive in the vacuum of space, only coming out of it to feed.  Their bodies even recycle their own air.  That’s rather impressive, but it doesn’t give anyone an idea of a weakness for a thing that laid thousands of eggs throughout the ark.

Did I mention that before?  Because that totally happened.

Fortunately, the Doctor thinks he can scan the brain of a dead larva and see what it saw before it died.  Maybe that can tell us their one weakness.  Too bad there isn’t enough power in that lab.  As Harry and Sarah Jane see about waking more crew members, there’s another problem.  Most of the crew won’t wake up.  Harry only got two more awake, and one of them doesn’t last long.  There’s a larva crawling around, and if not for Harry and the survivor using ray guns, it might have gotten the Doctor.  He’s kinda vulnerable right now.  Why?  Well, there wasn’t enough power in the ship to do what he wanted, so he hooked the bug and the computer up to his own brain.

By the by, having a male companion again of course means he can get into a shoot-out with a giant worm.

And since the Doctor isn’t human, the thing he’s doing probably won’t kill him.  Probably.

So, while baby Wirrns try to get in, Harry and the other guy shoot things, and the Doctor sees stuff, we finally learn the Wirrn’s weakness.  They are vulnerable to electricity.

You know, so are most things if you give them enough voltage.

Point is, that might be the only thing that can stop an adult Wirrn.  Heck, the sonic disruptor guns only scare away the juveniles.  They’ll have to electrify the ship.

Bad news there:  Noah is blocking the only path there.

Good news:  the Doctor knows the ship can teleport people to a certain room on the other side of the obstacle.  He manages to send Harry and the other guy there before the power drains too much.

Then the Doctor wanders off to finish the job himself.

Too bad an almost fully-mutated Noah is down there waiting for him…