July 16, 2024

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Merlin “The Dark Tower”

Series Five, Episode Six.

Well, here we go.  We have here an episode that remembers Elyan is Gwen’s brother.  That just about never comes up.

That said, if the characters are off to the Dark Tower, I hope it comes out better than that movie.

We open the episode with Gwen and Elyan visiting their father’s grave.  The man died before Elyan returned to Camelot, so there’s some general wondering if he’d be proud of his son.  Obviously he would be.  But this is a fantasy adventure series, so we’re not getting that stuff for very long.  And Morgana hasn’t caused any trouble in a while, so she’s due.

Cue some magical snakes, and Morgana captures the Queen.  And sure, Morgana is playing friendly, but everyone should know better at this point.  It’s clearly part of some scheme or another.  Anyway, the escorts return to Camelot.  Elyan really blames himself for all this despite Arthur’s assurances, but yeah, Morgana took Gwen to…

…the Dark Tower…

What is the Dark Tower?  It’s a bad place.  Knights go there, and sometimes they don’t come back.  Even knowing its name can bring doom.  Apparently, Gwen is in there being tortured.  By that, it appears that she keeps seeing the people she knows, but they, um, laugh or hiss at her.  And then Morgana comes in being nice and…this place seems rather pathetic.

Truth be told, this isn’t an impressive episode.  Merlin gets a warning from Queen Mab of the Fey Folk that one of their party will die.  Since Elyan is showing some personality, it would sure seem like he’s the best candidate.  It’s an old TV trick.  Give a minor character some personality, just enough to theoretically make him more sympathetic, and then suddenly kill him off.

You know, Percival barely talks.  I wonder if this is why:  he knows it’s his best chance to stay alive.  That’s rather smart.

Anyway, the whole thing runs like a rather standard episode.  Merlin secretly uses magic to solve problems for Arthur and the knights.  The men rescue Gwen at the end.  Yes, an enchanted sword kills Elyan, but the sword was probably meant for Arthur.  Morgana’s hair still needs a good combing.  Everything seems normal again.

Then at the episode’s end, Gwen slips away to meet Morgana in the woods because she now hates everybody in Camelot.

You know, just about everyone else has been enchanted at one point in time or another to kill the king of Camelot.  It must be Gwen’s turn.

Then again, maybe Morgana should just cut out the middleman next time and just enchant Arthur directly to do the job.  Maybe then it will actually work.