November 29, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Ark In Space Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "The Ark in Space," Episode Two.

Someone knocks the Doctor out again in this one.

I’ll bet he wishes he still knew all the Third Doctor’s martial arts.

Yes, that happens.  But first, a giant insect almost flattens Harry.  It’s dead, so it’s no big deal.  But it does happen.  The Doctor still needs a resuscitation kit to wake up Sarah Jane,  Harry’s a medical doctor.  You’d think he’s be able to find something.  But no, he doesn’t because all of his training is a few centuries out of date.

Fortunately, the crew are waking up on their own, starting with a humorless woman with a superiority complex.  She’s not sure where Harry and the Doctor came from.  All she knows is everyone on this ark were chosen due to their inherent superiority or some such.  Clearly, Harry and the Doctor don’t fit the bill.

Man, these people sound like they’re down with eugenics.  Maybe leave them frozen.  Even if the Doctor’s right about their being frozen a few centuries longer than planned.

Of course that’s a bad idea.  The ship is malfunctioning, and the Doctor does get this woman, Vira, to revive Sarah Jane.  Since there are problems down below, the Doctor goes down to check the power plant room.  But the ark’s captain, nicknamed “Noah” as a joke…

…that joke isn’t all that funny, so once again, these people seem humorless…

…decides to look into things himself.  He stuns the Doctor after some nutty accusations, reverses what the Doctor was doing, and then heads off to another part of the ship to see some slimy thing.  Captain Noah does shoot the slimy thing, but the slimy thing touched Noah’s hand.  He opts to leave that hand in a pocket for a while after that.

Fortunately, the Doctor is fine.  The ark isn’t, but he is.  And one crewman freaks out when he sees Noah, claiming it wasn’t really him.  Is the guy psychic?  I don’t know.  The Doctor is suspicious.  There’s another guy missing, but I see a slime trail headed away from the missing man’s tube to a vent.  Slime creatures from outer space?  Sure looks that way.

Anyway, the new guy finds Noah alone, and Noah shoots him.  Then Noah takes his hand from his pocket.  It’s all green and slimy and stuff.

Um, ew.