May 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ark In Space Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor takes a few moments here and there to offer praise when his companions show smarts.  How nice.

I can think of some other Doctors who would have just been condescending.

But if we’re talking companions, let’s play a game of “Which companion is dumber?” the hot new game that’s sweeping the nation!

We have in one corner experienced companion Sarah Jane.  And in the other, we have rookie Harry.

Sarah Jane

When the TARDIS materializes in a space craft, the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane come out to look around.  And as for Sarah, she just stumbles into things.  She stumbles into a room that doesn’t have fresh oxygen.  Then she stumbles into a hibernation tube or something along those lines.  After hearing some (probably) important narration, she’s put to sleep.  She’s generally smarter than that, but maybe she’s just clumsy.


Harry doesn’t trip, but he does hit some buttons that opened the door that Sarah Jane stumbles into.  So, that’s on him.  He and the Doctor dodge some traps, find Sarah Jane, lose Sarah Jane, and find some slime.  Slime that seems to ooze in paths.  Why might Harry be dumb?  Well, he just doesn’t listen to the Doctor.  Or believe him.  When the two find tapes of the entire human civilization’s records and accomplishments, Harry doesn’t get it.  The Doctor says something like three or four times that the people they find are in suspended animation.  Harry (to be fair, a medical doctor) thinks they’re dead.  He only really seems to listen when he and the Doctor find Sarah Jane…again.

And then Harry opens a door and finds a giant bug.

OK, I think Harry is the dumber one here.  Sarah was just clumsy.