February 23, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: Doom Edition

This week there be doom.

This week on the podcast there was much talk of DOOM.

Yes, DOOM!

DOOM is everywhere, and the messages are clear!

Watson’s ideal messenger of DOOM!

For verily, there was a mighty split, and what once was two and became one is two again!  For the Spiderman, or Spider-Man as he is known to the devoted, is out of the MCU.  Or so the legends and soothsayers proclaim, for it is not known what is spoken of in hushed tones between the Sony and the Disney Empires of false dreams and falser realities.

Doth I have any special insights into the business or the negotiation status of two such mighty titans?  Of course not.  Get thee the hell out of here with such foolish questions!  Rumor rules the day, and when Rumor rules, Lord Chaos will have his day!

And lo, there were more issues involving the flipping of issues.  Can this true anarchy disguised as capitalism amidst the speculators market truly be of good to any?  One poor peon will be caught with a large stack of unsold comics when such foolishness ends, and that may mean DOOM for the small marketplace shopkeep, he or she who does what he or she can to make his or her customers feel the warmth of companionship that only a truly tavern of reading can provide.  Such amenities could be disastrously wounded by the greedy few.

Though there are those who swear by the digital, can such a thing truly be the same as holding a precious treasure in the hands of a loyal follower?  And it can be told that such actions may guarantee a story, it denies the fellowship while increasing the power of the Bezos.

For we know now a time when the wrong Amazon gains strength while the right one grows weaker.

Truly, this is the darkest timeline.