November 29, 2021

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Good Omens “Saturday Morning Funtime”

Episode Four.

Aziraphale and Crowley have both been trying desperately to prevent the end of the world.  They also don’t want their respective superiors to find out what they’re doing.

They kinda suck at both of those things.  But at least Crowley does it in style.

Yes, it seems that talking to higher powers doesn’t help.  Aziraphale keeps trying to get through to God.  He just keeps getting these different angels, such as Gabriel and Derek Jacobi’s Metatron, who want the war to start because they can’t win a war that doesn’t start.

I guess that’s some solid logic.

However, things go bad as there are less and less people to prevent Adam from destroying the world as the Antichrist.  Aziraphale’s superiors check the surveillance logs and note he spends a lot of time with Crowley.  And don’t ask him where his flaming sword went.  Only angels looking to fight demons keeps him out of more trouble.

As for Crowley, he’s looking for another planet to check into at this point.  Adam’s reading of Anathema’s new age magazines are making all those things real, and an attempt to start Armageddon with the (fake) Antichrist tips off the demons that something isn’t right.  But Crowley does things in style, remember?  He takes out one with the holy water booby trap he set up, and then he traps the other in his own answering machine.

So, yeah, it looks like divine or infernal help is out.  Maybe human?  Well, Anathema knows exactly when Newton will arrive to look for the Antichrist even if she doesn’t know who the Antichrist is.  That happens.  But Adam wants his friends to stay with him even as he gets bossy and creepy.  That…isn’t going well.  But the weather this causes is really bad, keeping Anathema and Newton from being able to leave her house.

So, they get a little frisky instead.

By this point, Aziraphale has figured out who the Antichrist is thanks to Agnes Nutter’s book and a few other clues.  All he needs to do is get to Crowley and go to Tadfield.  That would be when Shadwell shows up, convinced the angle is a demon.  Or at least demonically possessed.  That means it’s time for an exorcism!

Aziraphale mostly wants to keep Shadwell out of the summoning circle the angel used to take to God’s spokesman the Metatron.  Unfortunately, he steps into it himself and gets zapped up to Heaven.  He did get in time for one nice, appropriate swear word.  Shadwell then stumbles out, but not before knocking over a candle and setting the book shop on fire.

Meanwhile, that delivery man takes a package to relatively new Horseman Pollution, and then a simple message to Death.  Granted, he has to step in front of a large truck to deliver a message to Death, but Death has Brian Cox’s voice, and all the delivery guy may have done is beat the rush…

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