May 27, 2024

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Swamp Thing “He Speaks”

Episode Three.

I gotta hand it to Swamp Thing.  This show really does a lot to keep the actor playing Alec Holland (not Swamp Thing) on screen.  Plus, this plot looks like it has a lot going on for many years to come.

Of course, DC Universe already canceled it…

I mean, look at all the stuff going on here beyond the basics.  Daniel “Blue Devil” Cassidy is literally trapped in town because…?  I don’t know.  Madame Xanadu says changes are coming his way, so he has that maybe going for him.  Someone namedrops the Conclave.  There’s an imbalance to the swamp.  And that looked an awful lot like an attack from the Rot.  Plus, Avery Sunderland may have married Virginia Madsen’s character, but he’s screwing around with Jennifer Beals’ character.  That has to be doing something to some 80s era fanboy right now.  Heck, they may be making small moves to make Jason Woodrue sympathetic.

How much of this will possibly get any sort of resolution in the remaining seven episodes?

Well, I suppose I’ll have to wait and see.

As for this episode, yes, Swamp Thing speaks.  He does answer to “Alec” when Abby tries that name.  He has a different voice now.  Seeing as how it’s a different actor, that makes a lot of sense.  And because he isn’t very loud, I did turn up the volume on my TV set.  Essentially, the man he killed last episode came back shooting bugs out of his mouth.  Said sleaze also probably shot Alec Holland.  Plus, bug-shooting version killed a hunter and (probably) a wild boar.  That sure looks like the Rot to me.  Swamp Thing can banish whatever it is with some words.  All that’s left of the body is some sludge and a lot of insects.

Swamp Thing also gives Abby some pointers to help with the sick folks at the hospital, a group that now includes her longtime CDC assistant.  And that advice works much better than what her CDC superior was up to.  Then Swamp Thing looks sad when Abby gets a dance with Matt Cable, a guy who is probably a stalker.

Seriously, I know Matt is probably supposed to be harmless, but he sure does give me some worries.

Now, there’s still the Sunderlands.  And while Avery is killing a man with a golf club, Maria is communing with her dead daughter Shawna.  Sure, Shawna may be right about Avery, but she doesn’t look too good for a ghost.  And the Rot may be a thing.  Should anyone be taking that ghost’s advice?  Is it even Shawna?

I think I might get some answers to that last question.