November 29, 2023

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Doctor Who “Robot Part 2”

The Fourth Doctor. "Robot," Episode Two.

So, what do I make so far of Tom Baker?  He’s a little silly for a silly show.  He’s got a very deep, authoritative voice.  He can pull off a twelve foot scarf.  And his Doctor’ll take a nap at the drop of a hat, even his own.

But he’s still new.  Let’s see where he goes from here.

Or, more accurately, where Sarah Jane goes from here.  She did meet the robot.  Its name is K1.  The people running Think Tank pulled it out on purpose.  They said they want to show Sarah it’s harmless.  Even when ordered to do so, K1 won’t harm Sarah Jane.  See?  First law of robotics in action.

Then Sarah leaves, after promising (read: being blackmailed) into keeping quiet about the robot, and the two scientists talk about how, well, the robot can hurt people.  They just reset it before Sarah Jane came back.  And now they want it to kill a minister as an “enemy of humanity”.

By the by, the robot has a disintegrator.  How does K1 kill the minister?  Blasts through the wall of the dude’s house and then throttled him.  Because when you can disintegrate a dude, of course you just strangle him.

Now, does Sarah Jane keep quiet about K1?  Of course not.  She goes right to UNIT and tells the Brigadier and the Doctor.  They go back and can’t find anything.  The Doctor knows they’re lying.  He also knows they know he knows they’re lying.  You get the point.  The Brigadier sure did.

You know, I’m wondering if the Brigadier is missing the Third Doctor right now.  At least he was a serious fellow.

However, there is a development.  The robot is a bit disturbed it’s killing people.  So, it goes to its creator, crazy-haired Professor Kettlewell.  Kettlewell calls the Doctor.

Now, what is going on?  Hard to say just yet.  The Brigadier and Sarah Jane found a connection between the heads of Think Tank and an activist group that wants to recreate the world to let the people into something where people act rationally.  Who decides who is rational enough to be in charge?  Those scientists.  Yes, they are douchebags.

As it is, the Brigadier and the Doctor decide to send an inside man into Think Tank.  That would be Harry Sullivan.  Because he’s a medical doctor and Think Tank will take one of them.

But what’s the problem there?  Well, they seem to be using the robot to advance their agenda.  And they came to Kettlewell’s house to get him just after Kettlewell called the Doctor.

Of course, the Doctor went over there alone.  Don’t worry.  He left a note for everyone else.  Sarah Jane did find the note since the Doctor left it where anyone could find it, so he might not be in too much trouble.

How much trouble is the Doctor in?  K1 is in Kettlewell’s place, and he has new instructions.  Now the Doctor is the enemy of humanity.  As such, the Doctor must die.  And because the episode is ending, the Doctor is knocked out.

Of course, he just regenerated.  I’m sure he’ll be fine.