December 3, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Ark of Taujeer”

Season Two, Episode Six.

So, how has Zarkon been tracking the castle?

I mean, I think I know already because I’ve seen certain scenes.  But the protagonists here don’t know.  There’s a term for that.  “Situational irony” or something.  Point is, while I know, they don’t.  As such, they can speculate but still wonder why Zarkon keeps finding them when they keep going to random places.

Such is the situation when everyone starts to speculate on the bridge of the castle-ship how Zarkon keeps finding them.  Allura thinks he’s tracking her since her capture.  Keith thinks the fight he got into with Zarkon somehow imprinted himself onto Zarkon.  And Shiro thinks Zarkon might be tracking the Black Lion.

Yes, it’s the Black Lion.

To try and figure out what is what, Keith and Allura both independently plan on flying away from the castle and see if Zarkon finds them.  That’s both dumb and smart at the same time.  Smumb?

Well, they better not need Voltron any time soon.  Even if Pidge built a Galra Predictor Program that works.  And they find a planet about to fall apart, the inhabitants desperately trying to fly away in an ark.  But the Galra were there and wrecked both the planet and the ark.  Those guys suck.  Fortunately, they aren’t around right now.

Unfortunately, Zarkon tells the nearest battlecruiser to fly back there and capture Voltron.

Still missing that Red Lion…

Out in space, we do see Keith and Allura try to talk stuff out.  Keith does have that dagger with Galra markings on it, so he tries to broach the subject of Galra who aren’t evil.  But no, Allura refuses to believe it even if one sacrificed himself to save Voltron.  Because Allura is a huge racist.

Then their shuttle blows up and leaves the two of them out in space.

What to do on Taujeer, though?  Only four Lions against the battlecruiser.  Hunk finds more armor on the Yellow Lion to hold the ship up before it hits a lot of acid.  Pidge and Lance use their Lions to grow vegetation and then freeze it to act as temporary stitches.  And Coran decides to fly the Red Lion himself.

Then that Lion flies off on its own to rescue Keith and Allura.

Anyway, one Voltron transformation sequence later, and that battlecruiser is toast when Voltron makes an even bigger sword than usual.

Voltron just pops out weapons as needed by the plot, doesn’t he?

Anyway, this tells everyone what I already know:  the range of the Lions is pretty big, so Zarkon must be tracking the Black Lion.

They should probably fix that.