February 26, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #237: Ice

Well, if I covered Icemaiden last week...

I had a couple characters in mind for the next couple columns, but then something happened.  See, last week I covered the really forgettable Icemaiden.  I observed that she was a Misplaced Hero to another Misplaced Hero.  Well, that’s a bit interesting in a way.  But then Watson, the one person that I know for a fact reads these, said the other Ice was one of his favorite heroes.  But he somehow forgot to include her on his 20 Favorite Superheroes list.

That sounds like a good cue to write up Ice this week.

Ice, originally Icemaiden, joined the Justice League with her Global Guardians teammate/best friend/opposite in every way Green Flame/Fire during the height of the Giffen era.  Originally, Tora Olafsdotter was a princess from a reclusive tribe of people from the frozen North of Norway.    She may or may not have been a goddess.  That depended on the story.  Tora was a basic cold-caster.  She froze stuff.

But this was the Giffen era when the characters were more about the personalities than the adventures.  Arguably, that League had a core of five, the two pairings of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle and Fire and Ice, and then Guy Gardner.  Then there’d be some classic hero (usually Martian Manhunter) who basically got headaches hanging around with those guys.  That more or less held true even after Giffen left for the while there.

Anyway, Ice was basically the kindest, sweetest member of the group.  That also meant she had the weirdest romantic connection by hooking her up with the one man on the team who was least like her.

And this issue was spectacular.

Now, time passed and Ice would come and go a few times.  At one point, intergalactic villain the Overmaster came by to destroy the Earth.  Ice actually found herself powered up a bit, gaining greater coldcasting, flight, and strength.  Then she ended up dying when the Overmaster turned on her.  He sucked.

Granted, this is comics, so she didn’t stay dead.  True, her ghost popped up here and there, and heck, Guy started dating Fire at one point despite the fact they historically hated each other.  Ice came back in the Birds of Prey’s title, and soon she and Guy were kinda dating again.

But hey, this is Misplaced Heroes.  That means despite being a part of one of the best loved Justice League runs, appearing in multiple cartoons, and generally being fairly recognizable, well, no one has seen her in a while.

Why?  Well, basically, it was the New 52.  She was part of a new Justice League title when that happened.  But like a lot of New 52 titles, it didn’t last long, and it looks like DC decided to ignore it.

Will Ice be back?  Probably.  She was a fun character from a popular series.  Those sort never stay gone forever.