July 13, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Eye Of The Storm”

Season Two, Episode Five.

Zarkon, last we saw of the big guy, can somehow sense where the Black Lion is at all times.  Somehow, Allura in this episode thinks he’s tracking her.  Why do I get the impression she’s wrong?

Wait, I just said why.  Moving on…

Well, it looks like Zarkon and his fleet have found the castle-ship with the Paladins on board.  He still wants Voltron for some reason.  This dude fought one Lion by himself.  Why does he need Voltron?  Never mind.  Regardless, Zarkon may be able to catch up if the castle can’t make a wormhole jump.

Fortunately, they can.  Unfortunately, the process damages the crystals needed to make new wormholes, and they don’t go quite far enough.  But there’s no sign of Zarkon, and with everyone exhausted after fighting giant cubes, the group can relax.

Well, Coran can’t.  He caught an Altaean disease called The Slipperies which makes him slide around due to heavy sweating at all times.  That sounds gross.  Thanks for that image.

So, what do the others do?  Hunk tries to bake cookies that no one can eat.  Pidge opts to learn Altaean, but the learning program comes with things that will hurt you if you mispronounce a word.  Lance and Keith go looking for the pool.  That last one does not come into play later.

And then Zarkon shows up again.  Time to make another wormhole jump!  And they go…not very far but there’s a magnetic storm nearby to hide in.

And Zarkon shows up again.

I am sensing a pattern.

As it is, the Paladins first use Voltron to lure Zarkon’s fighters away, and somehow they barely escape Zarkon taking control of the Black Lion again.

But the castle can’t jump.  Not without new crystals.

And then Pidge realizes she knows enough Altaean to know Hunk made new crystals instead of cookies.  Plus, Coran’s sweat made the new crystals shiny enough to work.  The castle jumps again and, well, I guess that’s that for this episode.  Zarkon still wants to find Voltron, but at least we got some helpful cookies out of all this.

Why anyone would want to eat transparent blue cookies is beyond me, Hunk.