December 2, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Monster Of Peladon Part 5”

The Third Doctor. "The Monster of Peladon," Episode Five.

Oh no!  An explosion may have killed the Doctor!

OK, I don’t buy that for a minute.

As strange as the Doctor losing a fistfight might be, it did know him out far enough away from the exploding sonic lance to not kill him.  If I did not know better, I would think the Doctor did that on purpose.  It looks like it’s up to Sarah Jane to save the day now.  Since the Doctor was the most “alive” man she ever met, she owes it to him.

Look, he’s not really dead.  Don’t pretend for a minute he is.

But Sarah Jane, Alpha Centauri, and the Queen all believe he’s dead.  Consequently, they have to act.  Alpha Centauri can send a general SOS if they can just get to the communication room.  Azaxyr left a guard for the Queen.  He needs a puppet ruler, especially when he sends the planet’s entire population down to the mines.  Seriously, this guy is a dick.  Sarah Jane, feminist, asks the Queen if she can fake a fainting spell.  Yes, the Queen can.  In the confusion, Sarah Jane and Alpha Centauri leave.  The Queen says they went to the mines.  The guard also manages to kill Chancellor Orton, who was less of a dick by this point.

Good news, though.  Alpha Centauri may be a giant wee-wee, but he can work a communicator.  Sarah opts to look around on the monitors.  That leads to an interesting sight.  Yes, we know Azaxyr is a traitor.  So is Engineer Eckersley!  Sarah Jane spots them conferring together in the refinery.  She also sees the Doctor peaking in through a door behind them.  The Doctor had stumbled off, found Gebek, and went to check the refinery.  The “Aggedor’s Ghost” weapon is in there.  Sarah heads off to join them.  Then Alpha is captured again.  And yeah, we learn why Azaxyr and Eckersley went bad.  Azaxyr wants to return the Ice Warriors to their Ice Warring ways.  Eckersley just got a large pay-out from Galaxy 5.

Remember Galaxy 5?  The Galatic Federation’s enemies in some big space war?  Will we see who those people are?  Probably not at this rate.

However, Sarah Jane finds the Doctor and Gebek in the refinery.  There must be something they can do there.  Too bad Alpha Centauri folds like a bedsheet under the threat of death because he told Azaxyr where Sarah Jane went.  You know, if she wasn’t in the mines before, she is now.  There’s only one thing Azaxyr can do now.  No, he isn’t going to surrender peacefully.  Instead, he sends a guy down to kill everyone in the refinery.  As the episode ends, the Doctor is trying to do something on the control while Ice Warriors blast their way inside…

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