September 26, 2023

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #236: Icemaiden

So, something was retconned here. I'm just not sure where.

Back when the Superfriends cartoon was new, DC Comics did a tie-in comic that, I’m not gonna lie, was actually pretty good.  It actually tied in pretty well with DC continuity, positing that the main DC heroes from the Superfriends were a special subset of the Justice League.  Their task was to train the next generation of heroes.  That would be why there were always teenagers and smart animals hanging out in the Hall of Justice.

But that series also introduced some international heroes that hung around for a while.  One of them was Icemaiden.  I think.

One of the bigger comic book Superfriends stories had the different members of the extended Justice League going around the world on a big, extended mission.  To help out, they teamed up with international heroes of the new team the Global Guardians.  Some of them had, shall we say, weird powers.  Others had stereotypical powers.  One of them could see through time because he had three eyes.  See, the logic went, if a two-eyed person can see in the third dimension, then a three-eyed person can see in the fourth.

Anyway, one of these new characters was Icemaiden from Norway.  She could make things cold.

Now, I know longtime comic readers might recognize that name, sort of.  An Icemaiden joined the Justice League during the humor era alongside her Global Guardians teammate Green Flame.   They would shortly thereafter change their named to simply “Ice” and “Fire”.

But it turned out that Ice wasn’t the original Icemaiden.

No, one Sigrid Nansen was the original Icemaiden who appeared in the Superfriends comic.  She gained her powers through some kind of science experiment.

Like, here.  That looks like a smart move.

The result was something else.  She popped out with blue skin and the ability to make things cold.

But then later, along came one Tora Olafsdotter.

This is Tora.

Sigrid was naturally shy. She just quit the team between issues or something.

Now, this is comics, and every hero dies at one point in time or another.  Ice died, and a new Justice League formed with her longtime friend Fire.

And then Sigrid returned.  She joined the new Justice League under her old Icemaiden codename.

Oh, and she hit on Fire, sort of.  I think.  See, Sigrid was bisexual, but that was during that period when different Leaguers kept asking not to be labeled, so that happened with her too.  As such, even though she maybe hit on Fire, she also said it was for therapy.  Or something.  My memory is fuzzy there.

Like, whatever is happening here.

OK, so, there’s an Icemaiden.  We don’t need an Ice back, right?  Can anyone really tell the difference anyway?  The new one just prefers women sometimes.  Sure, Guy Gardner probably wasn’t too happy about losing Ice, but he might have been dating Fire by then.

And then Tora came back to life and Icemaiden more or less disappeared.  There was something where a woman associated with the Ultra-Humanite kidnapped Sigrid in hopes of a body swap, but that never happened.

Then again, I don’t recall the last time I saw Fire or Ice.  What happens when you are a Misplaced Hero to a Misplaced Hero?