December 1, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Monster Of Peladon Part 3”

The Third Doctor. "The Monster of Peladon," Episode Three.

Hey, the Doctor recognizes the pit monster as the Aggedor!

I thought the ghost of Aggedor was doing all the killing?  It looks pretty alive to me…

Well, the Aggedor is still alive.  And the Doctor can still hypnotize it, putting the beastie to sleep before he can eat anybody.  By then, the Queen’s demands to bring the Doctor and Sarah Jane up will be met.  That makes everybody happy that isn’t Chancellor Orton.  He’s still a dick.

But it does mean the Doctor can continue his investigation.  He even suggests Sarah Jane teach the Queen about feminism so Orton can stop pushing her around.  I can approve of that, even for a show with such half-assed feminism as Doctor Who.

And that’s a good thing, because then when Orton decides orders to leave the Doctor alone are for suckers, he can put the Doctor under house arrest and then real arrest when the Doctor steps out anyway.  Sarah Jane knows her way around enough to go down to the mines.  She finds Gebek down there.  The Queen wanted to talk to him anyway, but he’s reasonable, so he’ll help the Doctor escape.

Not helping the Doctor escape is the giant genitalia Alpha Centauri.  He…uh, she…er, got talking into calling for Federation troops by Eckersley.  That guy should stick to engineering.  He just won’t believe Sarah saw someone in the refinery.

The one good thing about calling in those Federation troops is it actually unites Orton’s forces and the rebel miners because nobody wants those troops around.  If they play nice long enough, the troops will leave.  And by then, the Doctor used a few magic tricks and Gebek’s well-aimed fist to get out his jail cell.  Gebek and the Doctor head off to check the refinery.  And just as the ghost of Aggedor (who is still alive in that pit) returns to disintegrate another guy, the Doctor gets the door to the refinery open.

Why is there an Ice Warrior in there?

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