November 29, 2021

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Good Omens “In The Beginning”

Episode One.

I originally read the novel Good Omens over twenty years ago.  I reread it back in 2017 for a feature here.  Obviously, I’m a fan.

So, really, I was obviously going to get to this series eventually.  Why not now?

In the Beginning, there was God narrating the show.  God has the voice of Frances McDormand, so already we’re off to a good start.  We get a look at the Garden of Eden where the serpent morphs into David Tennant’s Crowley.  He’s conferring with Michael Sheen’s Azriaphale who just gave Adam his flaming sword to protect himself and the pregnant Eve from wild animals.

What is this series going to be like?  Crowley wonders aloud if the divine plan means Adam had to fall, so maybe Crawley did the right thing and Aziraphale didn’t.  Azriaphale quakes a bit and says a demon can’t do right by definition.  Then he shields Crowley from the rain with a wing.

Cut to the present, and both Azriaphale and Crowley don’t really fit into their respective factions.  Crowley turns people slowly to evil by making life as annoying as possible for as many people as possible.  Other demons do bigger things, one mortal at a time.  As for Azriaphale, he likes books and sushi bars.  His boss seems to be Gabriel (Jon Hamm), and Gabriel disapproves of putting human food in his mouth.  Fine clothes he’s cool with.

Point is, both the angel and the demon like life on Earth, so when Crowley is given the Antichrist to deliver to some bumbling Satanic nuns, he really doesn’t want the world to end.  And neither does Azriaphale.  The two think they know who the young Antichrist is, namely the son of an American ambassador.  So, the two disguise themselves as various tutors to try to make the kid as normal as possible.

Now, on the boy’s 11th birthday, he’d get his own Hellhound.  If that happens, Armageddon is on.

But young Warlock Dowling doesn’t get, well, any pets of any kind.

Nope, some middle class English boy named Adam Young got the Hellhound.  It morphed into a tiny, friendly dog.  Adam named it Dog.  And yes, Adam is the real Antichrist.

Armageddon is so on.

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