April 1, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Shiro’s Escape”

Season Two, Episode Three.

OK, so, how did Shiro get away from the Galra?

He had help.  His memory is a little fuzzy, but a Galra scientist helped him.  That guy’s name was Ulaz.  He said he left some coordinates in Shiro’s arm, and he worried Zarkon was getting close to the Blue Lion.  Shiro remembers that as he recovers from past injuries.  He believes those memories.

The others?  Not so much, especially Allura.

So, I’ll say it here:  Allura is a huge racist.

There’s no other way to say it, folks.  Pidge does find the co-ordinates, and they lead to a mine field of sorts full of explosive space crystals.  And when a guy sneaks onboard, he manages to get past Hunk, Lance, Pidge, and Keith.  Keith does see something interesting on the guy’s sword.  Shiro does stop him, and that would be when we learn the intruder is Ulaz.  He says he’s part of the Blade of Marmora, a rebel group with a number of hidden bases.  One of those bases is nearby.

Now, Shiro believes this guy.  The other Paladins actually come up with legitimate reasons to be wary.  Allura?  She just doesn’t trust any Galra.  Because she’s a racist.  Yes, even pointing out her father once selected a Galra as a Paladin doesn’t deter that opinion.

Granted, that Paladin was Zarkon.  And Zarkon has a nifty new superpower:  he can track the Black Lion anywhere.  And since he had a guy he (incorrectly) accused of letting Voltron go a few episodes ago, now he has a guy he turn into a new Robeast to destroy Voltron.

That new Robeast is a giant head with a mouth that sucks in everything in its path.  Then it fires whatever it sucked in back out as an energy blast.

Holy crap!  It’s Kirby!

I knew I couldn’t trust this guy!

You know what doesn’t work out well for Voltron?  When some giant mouth keeps sucking up and then shooting out explosive crystals.

Why not just toss him into one?  They try that!  It doesn’t work.  Fortunately, Ulaz will sacrifice himself to blow up the monster from the inside.  And yes, that does come after Allura calls him a coward and that he called for the creature because she is a huge racist.

Now, Shiro does know how to find more bases, but he thinks it would be wise to first find out how Zarkon found them.  That’s smart.

And Keith found a dagger he received in his childhood has a same insignia as Ulaz’s sword.  That’s…mysterious.

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