March 2, 2024

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Black Mirror “Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too”

Series Five Finale.

So, I’d heard the Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror was maybe…not good.  Or weird.  Or something.

Well, I’ve seen it now.  My reaction?

Seriously, what the hell was that?

This was the most unlikely episode of Black Mirror I’ve ever seen.  Oh sure, it had a lot of Black Mirror elements.  Technology misused?  Check.  People punished for their misuse of technology?  Check.  Human beings making each other miserable?  Check again.  Frankly, it did work as an episode of Black Mirror at least theoretically.

But really, we have a pop star, Ashley O (Cyrus) whose aunt is controlling her career.  She doesn’t want to do bubble gum pop because she wants to do punk.  But she can’t.  She’s under contract, and her evil aunt decides to drug her, and then use a brainwave device to write new songs.  Oh, and a hologram of her niece.  And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for two feuding sisters and the robot programmed with Ashley’s brainwaves.

Seriously.  That is more or less what happens.

So, is this episode supposed to be funny?  It did have what looked like a happy ending.  There aren’t too many of those.  But if so, I thought “Striking Vipers” might have also had a happy ending.  Or as happy as this show gets.  It’s debateable on this one.  But here we have Ashley awake and in charge of her own career.  Rachel gets to hang out with her idol.  Her sister Jack is in Ashley’s band.  And Ashley Too gets to rock out.  Plus, evil aunt presumably went to jail.

Yeah, this episode might have worked on any other series, but not so much Black Mirror.

Then again, we did get “Bandersnatch” earlier this year.  That made up for a lot.  Heck, we were probably lucky to get any more Black Mirror this year at all.

Well, what will I do next?  I did have one of my older Tuesday series comes back, but I think I’ll just go with Good Omens.  I might not get to it any time soon otherwise.