March 2, 2024

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Stranger Things “The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard”

Season Three, Episode Three.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it really was.

Yes, bad weather brings out the worst in people, or at least the worst in situations.  And while the day started off normally enough with Will trying to play some D&D with Mike and Lucas, there was stuff involving girls and Will storms off.  Mike even suggests it may be because Will doesn’t even like girls which could refer to Will’s sexual preferences or his maturity, but that’s for later.

Also, Hopper is still mad Joyce stood him up.  And when he isn’t showing off the Dad Bod Supreme, he’s disregarding her magnet information.  Joyce just decides to borrow some tools and check out the one place she knows could depower magnets.  That would be…the lab.


OK, so the rain starts, and it’s Stranger Things, so like some cartoon teenagers with a talking dog, our heroes split into teams to look into weird stuff all around town.

Nancy and Jonathan decide to get that crazy rat from the old lady’s house.  That’s a good idea.  Then they find the old lady eating fertilizer in the basement.

Um, ew.

OK, how about Max and Eleven?  Well, Eleven tried using her psychic powers to follow people, and they chose who with a spin the bottle thing.  That meant they randomly chose Billy.  Billy was doing…something with…someone.  And he seems to have seen Eleven from the Astral Plain.

Further investigation shows the lifeguard from the previous episode may be in trouble.  That includes investigating Billy’s room.  There’s blood in there.  Did that thing eat the lifeguard?

OK, this is a whole good news/bad news scenario.  The good news is the lifeguard is still alive.  Max and El find her at her house.  Billy is there too, charming her parents.  Why do people find Billy charming?  Man, some things really stretch my suspension of disbelief.  In fact, Billy is being too charming, and the lifeguard seems a little Pod Personish too.  The girls leave.

Back at the lab, Hopper gets smacked around by a mystery assailant, so something is going on there.

Back at the mall, Dustin and Steve go looking for Russian agents, but it seems a lifetime of 80s action movies aren’t good for spotting Russians.  That is especially true when the closest match is a harmless aerobics instructor.  Good thing Robin, a woman Steve would never date because he never got past high school social standards, noticed some things.  The Russians are indeed inside the mall, and they almost catch the ice cream scoop-wielding sneaks.

But Will, in a rage, smashes a lot of his stuff from when the guys were a foursome to be reckoned with.  And then he senses something.  Mike and Lucas show up, and he tells them:  the Mind Flayer is back.

And I think we all know where it is.  It’s inside Billy.  That would explain why Billy may have recognized Eleven.  Oh, and he and the lifeguard knocked out her parents because we need more possessed people I guess.

Probably was a good idea to leave before the cookies were served…