April 19, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: SDCC 19 Edition

The Geeks talk Comic Con announcements...even if most of it came from one source.

This week on the podcast, the Geeks talked about announcements out of San Diego.  Specifically, they talked about the MCU announcements.

Well, I guess I don’t have to now since they may have covered everything there.

Yeah, I mean, my only thought was maybe the Disney+ MCU stuff is basically the movies for characters that may not be strong enough to carry a movie.

Though the pedantic in me wants to spend some time pointing out how Ryan and Watson gave Jenny bad information.  She asked about the character Seven of Nine.  Ryan said something about how Seven of Nine was on Star Trek the Next Generation.  Then she moved on to Deep Space Nine.  Except, well, she was on Star Trek Voyager, and as far as I know, never appeared on either of the other shows.  Though Watson didn’t really do much more than remind us all of her ex-husband’s sleazy behavior.  Sort of.

Jenny, don’t ask Watson.

This is how she dressed back then. She is also Watson’s ideal Star Trek character.

However, I did have something I could bring up.  Sure, the Geeks decided DC didn’t announce a damn thing, but, well, I found something interesting came out of the DC Universe panel.  That would be for the streaming service.  Granted, I may be the only one subscribing to it.  But they did announce new seasons of Young Justice, the animated series Cartoon Network canceled years ago, plus they previewed an adult-oriented Harley Quinn animated series.

But then they said something interesting about Doom Patrol.

This show.

OK, so, to my general delight, Doom Patrol, a show that effortlessly went from absurd humor to deep pathos rather effortlessly on a consistent basis.  But there was something else.  Doom Patrol will appear on both DC Universe…and the upcoming HBO Max service simultaneously.

Now, that strikes me as something the more business-minded folks around here might find interesting.  After all, is parent company Warner Brothers doing that in order to drum up potential support for DC Universe?  Is it testing the viability of Doom Patrol for a less niche audience?  If Doom Patrol does better on Max than DC, will WB fold DC into Max?  If it does poorly, will WB kill DC Universe?  It’s an interesting move to have the same original series appearing more or less at the same time on two very different services.

But nah, let’s speculate on whether or not saying ScarJo played a Christmas tree is the same as saying she’s a wooden actress.  That might be more fun.