September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Depths”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Well, season one ended with the good guys scattered all over.  Most of them found each other.

But Hunk and Lance are still missing.

Well, they managed to somehow stick together and landed on a water planet under the sea.

Wrong sea.

Yes, it’s some water planet, and while Hunk initially wants to stay with the depowered lions, Lance spots a mermaid and…

Wait, am I sure it’s the wrong sea?

Yes, yes I am.

Lance follows her, but it turns out the mermaid and her people are friendly.  Their queen offers to help the two Paladins by keeping them safe and warm.

You know, they keep repeated “safe and warm” in this episode, and for the life of me, I just don’t see being underwater as being “warm”.  And I can’t swim, so I wouldn’t see it as all that “safe” either.  But then, over dinner, there’s some kind of weird dancing octopus and it looks like Lance and Hunk are brainwashed.

Well, things get a little better from there.  Some jellyfish-headed guys show up to get the two sleeping Paladins later.  True, Hunk won’t fit through the window, but Lance can.  And they can deprogram him with a protective jellyfish helmet.  See, jellyfishes are literally brainless,,,and the jokes write themselves.

Can Lance get back into the city and save everyone from the queen?  She seems to be using fancy dancing to hypnotize everyone.

OK, so, Lance gets captured inside of three seconds, but here’s where the twists come in.

And I don’t mean just freeing Hunk, a surprisingly difficult task.

What’s the first twist?  The queen is innocent.  She was actually the first victim because it wasn’t the dancing.  It’s the plant food she’s been feeding everyone after getting the first bite.  So, really, it’s a plant from outer space that’s causing all the problems.

Fortunately, that plant is nothing two Paladins in their lions can’t handle, especially when the Blue Lion pops some kind of sonic canon/tuning fork thing.

Oh, and Lance gets a kiss from one of the jellyfish women.  He doesn’t mind when she takes the jellyfish helmet off to show she’s an attractive alien mermaid.

And then the Green Lion’s homing beacon comes in.  So, next time everyone is back together again.  That’s probably a good thing.