December 1, 2022

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Stranger Things “The Mall Rats”

Season Three, Episode Two.

Could it be?  Could the thing I wanted to happen last season have happened?

Did someone get the death they deserve?

No.  Billy’s still alive, dammit.

To be fair, his life kinda sucks now.  He got to the Upside Down, saw himself there, and from the looks of things, the Mind Flayer.  Are there copies of people in the Upside Down?

You know, if the Upside Down is assimilating people and there’s a mall nearby, this sure does seem to be a good way of combing all kinds of horror movie scenarios.  Just sayin’.

But that mall is something else.  When people aren’t protesting the mayor for letting it in…hey, the mayor is Cary Elwes!…then they’re going there.  That’s what happens to many of the younger characters.  Mike, spooked by Hopper’s threats, breaks off an afternoon’s smootchin’ with Eleven using the Worst Excuses Ever.

Eleven goes to Max for advice.

Mike goes to Lucas (and, by extension, poor Will).

Both groups go to the mall.  The girls go for a shopping spree.  The boys to find a gift for Eleven that Mike can actually afford.  It ends with Eleven dressed in the best (?) 80s fashion that she somehow paid for, and Mike getting dumped.  He may have deserved it.

Poor Will just wants to play Dungeons and Dragons.  It sucks being the quiet, withdrawn boy without a girlfriend.

Though speaking of people with girlfriends, Dustin goes over to see Steve at the ice cream shop.  He wants some help translating his Russian message so he can be a hero.  Steve is game.  He just sucks at languages.

But Steve’s co-worker Robin, she isn’t sucky at languages.

By the by, actress Maya Hawke plays Robin.  Her parents are Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

So, now that the trivia is out of the way, I can move on.

By the by, one of the fun things about Stranger Things is how much the weirdness is contagious.  New characters show up, accept the weird, and help out.  Add Robin to our list of helpful people.  She can translate Russian.  It seems to be in code.  But Steve isn’t useless, as he realizes the words match a song from a hobby horse in the mall.  Those Russians may be local…

However, not everything happens at the mall.

For example, Hopper asks Joyce out on a date.  She stands him up, though, when she checks in with the dorky science teacher to find out why so many magnets are losing power in her home and place of employment.

And as for lovers and co-workers Nancy and Jonathan, they check in with a woman who said rats are eating her highly toxic fertilizer.  She even caught one in a cage.  That rat is…very hyper.  Jonathan can’t even get a picture since it won’t hold still.  Unfortunately, he and Nancy miss the rat exploding and turning into a goo creature to escape the cage.

And because Billy isn’t creepy enough, he knocks out a co-worker at the pool he works at to feed to a bigger pile of goo.

Billy is The Worst.

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