February 29, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Time Warrior Part 3”

The Third Doctor. "The Time Warrior," Episode Three.

You know, I just want to take a moment and say I am really digging Irongron.  As minor Who villains go, having a guy full of unearned bombast and bravado is actually rather fun.

He’s also a bit of a problem in other ways.

See, Irongron is getting a bit disenchanted with Linx, especially as Linx shows less and less inclination to wear his helmet as he walks around the castle.  That Mr. Potato Head look is sure to gain unwanted attention.  At one point, Irongron tries attacking Linx only to be easily swatted aside by the alien bred for war.

That said, I may be getting a little ahead of myself.  Sure, Linx and Irongron’s alliance is fraying, but the Doctor and Sarah Jane are going in the other direction.  Yes, the previous episode ended with the Doctor about to get axed by Irongron.  But then Sarah Jane rescues the Doctor with the strikeforce sent by the nearby Lord Edward of Wessex, land of many boring scenes on Vikings.  True, they aren’t rescuing the Doctor; they’re taking him because Sarah Jane believes he’s a bad guy.  Fortunately, Sarah Jane isn’t an unreasonable person, meaning the Doctor simply tells her the truth.  She buys into it, even learning all about how the Doctor is a Time Lord.

Meanwhile, Irongron decides to attack Lord Edward’s bizarrely understaffed castle.  The Doctor knows this is coming.  So, he sets up scarecrows to make it look like there are more soldiers than suspected, and mixes some chemicals in the basement.  Now, Irongron is armed with rifles from Linx (who goes along because he loves to watch all things military).  Of course, no one taught Irongron how to aim.  He sucks at that.  And then the Doctor starts dropping stink bombs onto Irongron and his men before those doofuses can get too far up their ladders to really do anything.  Irongron retreats, he and Linx argue some more, and finally the Doctor comes up with a plan of his own to save the day.  Maybe.  The plan involves getting into Irongron’s castle and something involving more chemicals.

First, he and Sarah Jane (wearing what looks like her third change of clothes) sneak into Irongron’s castle disguised as monks.  Then they sneak into Linx’s workshop.  There they find the one scientist not under hypnosis.  The others are in bad shape due to a lack of food or rest.  When Linx comes back, the Doctor makes the Sontaran an offer:  let the other scientists go, allow the Doctor to repair Linx’s ship, and then destroy the weapons he gave Irongron once he flies away.

Linx responds by hitting the Doctor with his hypnosis ray…