March 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Across The Universe”

Season Two, Episode One.

So, apparently, attacking Zarkon directly is something of a bad idea.  The results of the whole thing is the castle and the Paladins are scattered all over the dang place.  Now, the universe is a big place, so do you do when you are lost in space?

You know, besides not trust Dr. Smith.

OK, so, the worm hole going kablooey did a few things.  First, it told Zarkon he has a traitor in his forces.  And he opts to punish a guy for it.  It’s probably the wrong guy.  In fact, the guy put in charge of the investigation is probably the right guy.  I don’t know.  These guys literally all look alike.  But, you know, dramatic irony.

But then we have the heroes of the show.  Where did they end up?

Well, Pidge and the Green Lion landed in a gravity free trash zone.  There are some multi-colored fluffballs living there.  They’re cute and probably harmless.  She figures the thing to do is just sit tight and wait.

Keith lands on what looks like a barren asteroid.  Shiro lands nearby.  Both Red and Black Lions shut down.  Shiro is hurt.  Oh, and some Pokemon-lookin’ things are sniffing around to eat him.

And the castle is stuck in a time loop.  Allura isn’t affected by it, but every time they go through, Coran gets younger and the mice change into a new species.  And for some reason, Coran’s mustache remains no matter how young he gets.

So, how can any of them get out of this?  Well, Keith does rescue Shiro from the predators using the Black Lion, but that doesn’t stop his potentially dying.

But then Pidge realizes she can rescue herself.  First, she puts together a transmitter.  Then she powers it with the Green Lion and sends a distress beacon.

That signal allows Allura to focus the castle somewhere and get out of the time loop before Baby Coran ceases to exist.

And then the Green Lion leads the castle right to Shiro and Keith.

So, really, the person who originally opted to do nothing did something and as a result saved everyone.

Well, most everyone.  Where are Lance and Hunk?

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