March 2, 2024

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Stranger Things “Suzie, Do You Copy?”

Season Three, Episode One.

Hey, kids!  Stranger Things is back for more 80s action!  And you know what was happening in the 80s?  That’s right!  The Cold War!

And yes, the Russians are also looking to get into the Upside Down.

Well, it’s been over a year since the last episode, and it is the first episode of the new season, so first we need to check in on everybody in the summer of 1985.

So, Eleven and Mike are dating.  Eleven knows a lot more words now, and they like kissing in her room just outside of Chief Hopper’s field of vision.  He doesn’t like it very much, but the nice speech he worked out with Joyce to try talking to them doesn’t work when kids just laugh at him as he tries to give it.  So, he uses his own methods which may work a lot better.

Also, Lucas and Max are still dating.

Dustin went to an inventor’s camp, and he says he met a girl there.  She’s from Utah, so he has to build a radio tower to contact her.  And then she doesn’t answer.  Yes, she is the Suzie in the episode’s title.  The only answer Dustin does get comes in…Russian.  He gets a recording of it.

Will is still creeped out by the Mind Flayer.  And he may be able to sense it.  Maybe that kid actor will get something to do.  He does seem to be the only one of the original four without a girlfriend.

Joyce still misses Bob.

Nancy and Jonathan are still together.  She sleeps over at his place.  Joyce seems to know and not mind.  Nancy also works for the local newspaper.  She fetches lunch.  And the men who work there are obnoxious sexists, particularly one played by Jake Busey.

There’s also a new mall.  It’s killing local businesses, but Steve got a job selling ice cream in a sailor suit.  His co-worker is keeping tally of how many times his flirtations with female customers don’t work.

And then there’s Billy.  Why is Billy still alive?  He’s the kind of guy who should probably get killed in something like this.  He’s a lifeguard at the local pool that all the moms lust after, particularly Mrs. Wheeler.  Why?  He’s a jackass.  That mustache is also terrible.  C’mon, Mama Wheeler.  Even if you want to cheat on your dorky husband, don’t do it with the jackass lifeguard.

Fortunately for me and not for Billy, Hawkins’ weirdness may have finally caught up to him.  The Russian experiments are doing…something.  An abandoned mill outside seems to be acting up.  Rats are swarming in there, and many of them explode.

And then Billy gets sucked inside.

Oh, thank you, Upside Down for finally taking a deserving victim.