May 27, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Cyborg Patrol”

Season One, Episode Twelve.

The Bureau of Normalcy managed to capture Vic last episode.  Can his screw-up teammates get him out of…the Ant Hill!

Yeah, that doesn’t sound all that threatening to me either.

So, can anyone find Vic?  Jane’s description of the logo the kidnappers wore remind Larry about his own time in the Ant Hill.  He also knows getting in and out is probably not going to work out.  Of course, then Vic’s father Silas comes in.  He knows something happened to Vic, but he doesn’t know why Vic’s nanites were doing what they were doing.

Or why Grid, Vic’s operating system, doesn’t seem to be installed in Vic right now.

Or why over in the Ant Hill, Vic is going nuts watching Grid reinstall itself over and over again.

Well, Silas knows about the Ant Hill.  He used to work there!  So, can he get the team inside to rescue his son?  Sure.  He even has a plan.  Larry and Jane pose as guards to escort a “captured” Cliff inside.  Silas comes along, and everything seems to be working…until guards come out and capture Jane, Larry, and Cliff.

Poor Cliff gets no respect from the woman examining him.  He’s set to be recycled.

Jane is being held by a guy whose hand she broke.  He wants revenge.

And Larry’s been separated from the Negative Spirit.

As for Vic, he isn’t happy to see his dad under these circumstances.  I mean, Silas betraying the whole team like that and…

Wait, where’s Rita?

She’s inside Cliff.  Once she slips out, she lets Cliff down, they rescue Larry, and then…Jane let herself out when Karen came out.  She has another new boyfriend.  Once free, I’m sure the team can save Vic.  They also opt to save everyone else locked up in there.  That includes a small army of carnivorous butts.  You know, the sort of thing that once you see it, you can never unsee it.

As for Vic and Silas, Vic isn’t doing too well with his father’s explanations.  And then a memory comes up, suggesting Silas may have had more sinister stuff involved with Vic’s accident, causing Vic to punch his father.

Possibly fatally.

Man, that seems bad.  Can it get worse?  Sure it can!  Mr. Nobody shows up to say he was the reason Vic’s systems weren’t working.  Oh, and he made that last memory up to get Vic to maybe kill his father.

Can we feed Nobody to the butts now?