December 1, 2023

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Merlin “The Sword In The Stone Part 1”

Series Four, Episode Twelve.

Well, it’s the two parter ending series four.  Morgana has been plotting in the background.  We should possibly check in on her.

What is her master plan?  Um, she just invades with a big army led by that Helios guy from the previous episode.  She even picks a festival day to do it.  That’s…rather smart.  And with Agravaine helping on the inside, well, Camelot falls.  It falls rather quickly actually.  Leon leads a lot of civilians into the woods.  Arthur gets slashed.  Gaius does what he can, but Arthur needs to leave.  He won’t.  So, Merlin enchants the king to make him a lot more agreeable for the next day or so, and off they go.  Gaius and Gwaine are captured.  Percival disappears during the escape.  And Elyan stays behind to cover the kind’s escape.  He’s also caught.

And…that may be that.  Morgana is the queen because being a woman and illegitimate, but she’s still the queen.  Do the people love her?  Nope!  She orders the crops burned.  She also tortures Elyan for information and forces Gwaine to find unarmed for food for Gaius.

I don’t think that will make the people love her.

She also starts pushing Agravaine around.  He keeps reminding her that he’s her only real ally and…why?  Why does he follow her?  I still don’t get it.  The man he hated is long dead.  Anyway, she sends him off to hunt down the missing Arthur and Merlin.

That’s when she isn’t using her own magic.  I’m pretty sure the only trick she knows is to push people into the air.

OK, so, who can help Arthur and Merlin?  Well, Merlin finds some smugglers when a woman who looks like a lost extra from Xena: Warrior Princess finds them.  She takes them to a guy I thought might be her father.  And when things go south, Arthur and Merlin rescue them (and only them from the entire band) from Agravaine’s hunting party.  And yes, Arthur is himself again.

Then the woman calls the man “Tristan”.  She must be Isolde.  Wow.  He still looks older than her.  I looked ’em up.  The actors had a 14 or 15 year age difference.  So, maybe it isn’t that bad.

Point is, the foursome get away, Tristan being a guy who hates kings, and they get to the village where Merlin’s mother lives.  Arthur still needs to heal, and hey, look, it’s Gwen!  Yes, the two hook up again.

And then the episode ends with Agravaine’s people raiding the village as Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde flee into the woods again.

Maybe they’ll find a sword in a stone there.