February 26, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “The White Violin”

Season One Finale.

Before we begin, I gotta say this:  the Umbrella Academy siblings kinda suck at fighting.

Why say that?  Because we’ve seen them, again and again, get into battles, often with non-powered opponents, and they never really win.  They don’t really lose either.  Fights keep going until someone runs away.  Neither Hazel nor Cha-Cha seem all that formidable without their guns (I am ignoring their comic book versions here obviously), but either of them can fight any Hargreeves sibling to a standstill.

I mean, I think Diego won his fight with Cha-Cha in this last episode of season one, but I’m not completely sold on that.

OK, so, we got here.  Did the Hargreeves siblings stop the apocalypse?


In fact…they kinda caused it.

Much of this first season (and the comic source material) covers how messed up these people are.  Their adoptive father wasn’t much of a father, and this episode shows what growing up in that household was like for Vanya.  If the other siblings were pushed too hard and treated poorly, at least Sir Reggie actually looked at them.  Vanya was ignored, left out of family photos, and treated like she didn’t exist.  Factor in as well more normal childhood reactions from the others when she did something they didn’t like (they were kids and that happened) and Vanya easily had the most traumatic childhood of the lot.  And this is coming after seeing an episode where Klaus was locked in a mausoleum for a couple days.

Point is, Vanya is powerful enough to bust out of the room Luther locked her into.  She finds and kills Pogo (he knew the whole time), and destroys the mansion, crushing Grace.  Her siblings get out, with Ben helping pull an unconscious Diego free.

Does anyone see that?  Not just yet.  Even when Klaus explains it was Ben, no one believes him.

So, Vanya goes home to prepare for her concert.  The others regroup in a bowling alley.  Five leaves for a bit, gunmen come in, and the remaining brothers throw stuff.  Diego throws knives.  Luther throws bowling balls.  Klaus throws a birthday cake.  And yet, they aren’t winning that fight.

On the plus side, they know where Vanya is.  Allison still wants to stop Vanya without killing her.  The brothers aren’t sure.  It doesn’t much matter.  Because we get more gunmen, and the only Hargreeves brother who can stop them at all is Ben.  Yes, Klaus does get Ben to appear again.  That was kinda awesome.

Also awesome?  Vanya powered up looks a lot like her comic book version.  Her suit is all white, her skin is pale, and her eyes glow.

Not so awesome?  Her brothers attempt to bum rush her, and she catches them all easily.  Only Allison can stop Vanya.  Allison has a gun, Vanya can’t see her, and the White Violin powers are killing the boys.  All she has to do is shoot Vanya in the head.

She doesn’t.  She does the compassionate thing and shoots next to Vanya’s head.  The noise stuns Vanya, and the blast goes out.

And it hits the moon.

That causes the moon to shatter, and we have our apocalypse.

Fortunately, Netflix already renewed this show for a second season.  Heck, I learned before typing this up that they just started filming it.

You know, it would be just like these messed up people to wreck the rest of the planet.

Now, Five does have a plan.  He can take everyone–even Vanya–back in time and try again.  Will that work?  I don’t know.

Did this show work?  Mostly, but it got a bit much at times.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  I’ll check out season two when the time comes.

In the meantime, hey, we need something new for Tuesdays.  It’s a good thing Black Mirror and Big Little Lies came back.  We’ll start with Black Mirror.