April 23, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Collection And Extraction”

Season One, Episode Ten.

I made a little fun of Princess Allura “magic princess powers” last time around.

Yeah, it turns out she might actually have some.

OK, they might be common powers to her species, but you get the idea.  Or do you?  You tell me.

Sendak may be flushed out into the vacuum of space, but the Paladins did get some of his memories.  Maybe one will lead to some place Voltron can do a hit-and-run on.  Five Paladins, a princess, and her adviser aren’t enough to defeat the Galra.  Defeat some smaller groups and maybe you can build an alliance strong enough to save the universe.  That’s Shiro’s plan.  Most people like it.  Lance doesn’t.  Lance is kinda dumb.

As it is, they do find something.  Sendak knew of a hidden space base that acts as a shipping port of some sort.  It shouldn’t be too hard to go there and at least get some intelligence.  Heck, the Green Lion has camouflage.  They can sneak in easily.  Sure, it seems weird bringing Allura along, but it’s hard to tell a princess “no”.  That’s universally true in every fictional setting, too.

OK, so, good news.  The Paladins do manage to get into the control room, and Pidge can (probably) hack one of the robots there for information.  Hunk even uses some impressive puppetry skills when a call comes in from a ship docking there for a half hour.  That ship would be an even better source of intelligence, so Allura decides to go in.  How?

Well, she has some superpowers.  She can change her skin tone to match the Galra, as well as her height, and later on, well, she’s pretty damn strong.  Shiro insists on going with her, especially since his hand can hack into Galra systems.  Plus, he knows most of the personnel on the ship are robots with set routines.  Sneaking around is actually very easy.

But then some weird guy, a Galran druid, shows up to inspect the cargo.  Keith sneaks around to check it out.  What’s the yellow stuff he’s harvesting?  Coran says its Quintessence.  That’s some kind of superfuel, and the secret to Zarkon’s 10,000 year long life.

Look, there isn’t much of a show here if nothing else happens.  Keith gets caught and battles that space ghost guy.  He takes some burns, but the others scoop him up in the Green Lion.  That’ll teach him to try and steal mystery yellow stuff…even if it does heal his burns.

Shiro and Allura are also caught.  They run.  Allura shoots a gun the wrong direction.  And then, as the ship prepares for an emergency jump to hyperspace, Allura shoves Shiro into an escape pod.  He gets away (against his own will), and she is captured by the Galra.

So, yeah, they may need to attack Zarkon directly after all.