July 16, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #230: Deathcry

So, there was a Shi'ar warrior on the Avengers for a period...

Some weeks I don’t know who to put up for this column.  230 entries will do that.  I try not to think about how many years of this series that translates into.  Sometimes I’ll have a character that leads naturally to the next two or three along the same theme.

But last week we saw Mark Antaeus, a character who basically appeared once in a very flawed but memorable story.  He wasn’t supposed to hang around.  But over at Marvel there was Deathcry.  Her creators meant for her to last, but I really don’t remember much about her.

Deathcry was a Shi’ar warrior who maybe joined the Avengers.  I’m not sure if she actually joined or not.  She hung around there.  Where’d she get a name like “Deathcry”?  It was the 90s.  Names like that happened.

See, there was a big Avengers-related crossover called Operation: Galactic Storm.  In that story, the Shi’ar and the Kree went to war with each other.  There was a stargate or something near Earth, leaving Earth stuck between both sides.  The Avengers assembled as many members as they could, split into three teams (one for Earth, one for the Kree, and one for the Shi’ar) and went off to deal with it.  In the end, it turned out the Kree Supreme Intelligence manipiulated the whole thing.  Why?  So the Shi’ar would build a giant space bomb that would irradiate the Kree survivors of the blast and jump start superpowers.

Because that’s always a good way to give your people superpowers.   You know, by killing off 85% of them or something.

Anyway, a group of Avengers responded by killing the Supreme Intelligence.

He stayed dead for a while.

In response, the Shi’ar Empress Lilandra sent a warrior to protect a team that included multiple gods, supersoldiers, armored geniuses, and synthetic people.  Because, you know, those people need the extra help of one whole warrior.  That warrior was Deathcry.  She had, like, cat powers or something.

By the by, this was the same era that gave us the Swordsman I covered a few months ago.  And, like the Swordsman, the bacstory was more memorable than the character itself.  Heck, I barely remember Deathcry.  Wikipedia tells me she was close to Hercules and the Vision, and then she just left.

How close was she?

Deathcry, suspected of being the daughter of longtime X-Men foe Deathbird, eventually died.  She was part of a team working for Star-Lord during an Annhilation story when she got upset with teammate Captain Universe.  Apparently, attacking Captain Universe never struck her as a bad thing.  However, Captain Universe had some defenses that killed her instantly.  After that, she returned for a Chaos War story that had dead heroes rising from the dead to help.  She may be dead again.  I don’t know.

Then again, I don’t think anyone would remember if she did survive,