April 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Frontier In Space Part 5”

The Third Doctor. "Frontier in Space," Episode Five.

I know Doctor Who is/was a more family-friendly type of show.  But for the life of me, I have a hard time getting why the Master is as successful as he is half the time.

Let’s take this episode for example.  Now, the Doctor, the Master, and Jo are brought before the Draconian emperor.  While the Master tries his usual assortment of lies and subterfuges that could probably be disproven with a simple credit check or something, the Doctor has an advantage.  See, he’s been to Draconia before!

Sure, it was 500 years before.  But he cured a plague and the Draconians gave him some honorary nobleman status.

By the by, Jo can’t say anything in the throne room because she’s a girl…boo!.

Anyway, the Doctor’s plan might work if the Master hadn’t called the Ogrons for help because Ogrons are stupid.  They just rush in and start shooting.  They do get the Master out, but when the Master’s fear machine wears off, someone knocks out one of the Ogrons.  As such, the Draconians see the Master tricked them.  Now they just have to tell the humans because war is bad.

Now, you’d think the Master would have a subtle plan of some kind to maybe stop that, and he does if you count “follow the Doctor’s ship with Jo, a Draconian prince, and the captured Ogron for a while and then shoot it up in order to capture Jo (again) and get the prisoner back” as “subtle”.

Yes, that happens.  Jo also offered the captured Ogron a banana.  He didn’t peal it.

But there is some good news for the Doctor.  While General Williams is still being a suspicious prick, he says it had something to do with a Draconian attack of some kind.  Then he learns that attack…was not what he thought it was, so there’s no reason to be hostile.  Bottom line is, once the Doctor and the Draconian prince get back to Earth, they more or less settle the whole “impending war” problem with Williams himself offering to lead an assault on the Ogron homeworld.

And they better hurry.  It turns out the Master is using Jo as bait (duh) as well as the TARDIS (another duh).  But Jo knows how to avoid getting hypnotized now!  It involves reciting nursery rhymes when the Master bulges his eyes out.  Too bad she may not be immune to the fear gizmo.

Oh, and the Master said someone might have hired him to do all this.  How odd…