June 22, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Crystal Venom”

Season One, Episode Nine.

Say, did you know the flying castle has a lot of dead memories running the thing?  Including Allura’s father?

Wait, should I have known that already myself?

Yes, after healing an entire living planet, Allura needs rest and recuperation.  She seems to be getting that from her dead father, an AI in the ship.  Addtionally, since the ship can extract memories, the Paladins decide to see if it will work on Sendak.  Sendak’s not doing anything else.  Why not?

In part because it is a long and boring process.

As everyone else wanders off, Shiro stays behind.  Should he be worried?  Probably.  No one has ever done this memory extraction on an unwilling host before.  Also, they have been getting power from an infected balmera crystal.  I think that might cause problems.

You know, like when the castle ship starts trying to kill everybody.  Or at least just Lance.  Everyone might want to kill Lance once in a while.

Yes, the food dispenser attacks Hunk.  He escapes with Pidge…right into a room where the artificial gravity suddenly turns off.  But those things weren’t trying to kill them.  Or they couldn’t.  I’m not sure.

Keith’s workout goes awry when the training robot decides to kill him.  That’s why I avoid regular exercise, actually.

Lance gets stuck first in a cryo-tube, and then in an airlock that’s about to flush him out into space.  Fortunately, Keith realizes a malfunctioning airlock solves both of their problems.

Coran…he’s fine.

Shiro hears and sees the unconscious Sendak taunting him.  He responds in the most reasonable way possible once at least some memories are extracted by dumping Sendak out another airlock.

How many airlocks does this ship have anyhow?

That just leaves Allura.  What could go wrong there?  Oh yeah.  Her dead daddy is guiding her “home.”  Does her planet still exist?  Well, she’s headed for a star about to go nova, so my guess is no.  It does not.

Fortunately, she snaps out of it long enough to delete her daddy.  And the computer’s AI is with it enough to tell her she should between asking her not to.  So, yeah, kids show.  She does it.  Everyone survives.  Voltron does…not much of anything for this episode.  Lousy slacker robots…