December 8, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “I Heard A Rumor”

Season One, Episode Eight.

OK, so, in the comics this show is based on, Allison has a reality altering voice.  She has to phrase things as “I heard a rumor,” but the rumor always comes true.  Supposedly, only a strong distaste for lying prevented her from using it more often.  She has barely used that ability in this show.  But hey, look at the episode title!  She’s gonna do something this time!


My main complaint about Allison on this show is how she’s mostly just the maternal one.  She’s the one always checking on Vanya and maybe the boys.  She’s the one playing the good sister.  And hey, we finally do see that kid of hers.  She uses her power in a flashback to put her daughter to sleep for the night.

So, here she is driving out alone to Leonard’s mystery cabin with his secret.  She needs to find and protect Vanya from a possible serial killer.

By the by, it gets a bit worse.  Those guys who beat up Leonard, only for Vanya to lash out and kill two of them?  Yeah, we learn Leonard paid them to attack him.  It was a set-up for Vanya.  Allison finds this out when she cons her way into an interview with the lone survivor.

Did Allison use her voice to do that?  Er, no.  Looks like she didn’t need to.

Back at the manner house, after Pogo confirms that he and Grace helped Sir Reggie kill himself, the boys realize they need to get the band back together and get Leonard/Harold fast.  Diego managed to get out of jail, Luther jumps in as soon as he hears Allison might be in danger, Klaus gets an OK from Ben, and Five, well, he drives the car.

OK, so, can Allison talk Vanya down?  Nope.  See, Leonard has Sir Reggie’s journal.  The one that says Vanya was the most powerful sibling.  He had tested her extensively.  Vanya doesn’t remember.  Why?

It comes out later.  When Allison finally gets to the cabin to talk to Vanya, Vanya doesn’t care that Leonard isn’t really a Leonard.  And then Allison realizes something.  Her father once told her to tell Vanya, with her voice, that Vanya was ordinary.

Allison didn’t realize at the time what it meant.

Did Sir Reggie treat any of his children well?

Of course not.  Dumb question on my part.

Anyway, Vanya’s power charges up.  Allison winds up a rumor.  And Vanya…lashes out and cuts her sister’s throat.

Vanya doesn’t take it very well.  This was the only sibling trying to treat her like an equal.  Leonard conveniently shows up and they make a run for it.

Then the boys show up.  So, Allison may not bleed out.

Still, this isn’t going well for people trying to stop the apocalypse.

Also, Hazel and Cha-Cha do stuff, but I’m not sure what they add to the show right now.

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