December 8, 2022

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Doctor Who “Frontier In Space Part 3”

The Third Doctor. "Frontier in Space," Episode Three.

Well, the Doctor knew if he hung around long enough, he’d find some reasonable soul who would believe his story.

Too bad he had to go to prison to find that person.

Now, sure, Earth had already locked up the Doctor.  Funny thing, though, but having some Ogrons break in to break him and Jo out doesn’t help him out much.  The break-in also doesn’t last long.  Earth forces drive the Ogrons off, leaving Rotten General Williams more convinced than ever that the Doctor and Jo are agents of the Draconians and big time liars.  Williams convinces the President of Earth to send the Doctor to the Moon.  Why there?  There’s an inescapable prison up there.

But first!  Interrogators hook the Doctor up to the mind probe, and he keeps telling the truth until the machine blows up.  Too bad Williams is such a stupid warmonger that he refuses to believe it.  So, the Doctor goes to the Moon, and he soon learns that the prison up there is full of political prisoners from the “peace party”.  Their leader, Professor Dale, is up there, and as Dale remembers there was until recently years of peace between Earth and the Draconians, he decides the Doctor’s story of someone provoking a war is the only logical explanation.  And when a prison trusty named Cross offers to help Dale and a friend escape, Dale chooses the Doctor.

But Cross is no good and left the Doctor and Dale in a room with no extra oxygen and rapidly dropping pressure.  That would be the end of the episode, but there was something rather important that I left out.

See, Jo and the Doctor somehow have criminal records in the future from a former Earth colony, and when the ambassador of said colony shows up to take the two of them away, Jo recognizes the guy and instantly knows he’s behind the rush to war.

Yeah, it’s the Master again.  That guy never learns.

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