April 17, 2024

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American Gods “Donar The Great”

Season Two, Episode Six.

You know, with Wednesday being Odin and all, shouldn’t there be a Thor too?

Therein lies a sad story.

So, Wednesday and Shadow are in a dying mall.  There’s a dwarf there who can etch Wednesday’s spear to get its power back.  To do so, Wednesday needs to bring the dwarf and object of power.  And hey, Lou Rawls’ leather jacket is in another store.  Wednesday and Shadow pull off a quick con on the guy in the store, get the jacket, and fix the runes.  OK, the dwarf fixes the runes, but you get the idea, hypothetical reader.

But the con seems to be making Wednesday more somber than anything.  Usually he enjoys this sort of thing.  Not this time.

See, Wednesday has a story to tell Shadow.  It’s about his son.  Shadow knows Wednesday’s son.  It’s Thor.  Thor isn’t forgotten.  Heck, Thor could theoretically be more powerful than he’s been in years thanks to the MCU.  Where is he?  Is he one of those angry gods who wants nothing to do with Wednesday?

Well, not anymore.

See, back in the 30s or so, Wednesday ran a burlesque show.  His son Thor Donar was the top act, a strong man who lifted all kinds of things with all kinds of muscles.  He even lifted stuff with his beard.  They weren’t the only gods there either.  Mr. Nancy ran things backstage.  And there was also Donar’s love interest Columbia.  Who’s Columbia?  She’s basically the female version of Uncle Sam.

So, why don’t Donar and Columbia run off together?  The show is OK, I suppose.  1930s Technical Boy, still on somewhat good terms with Wednesday, is unimpressed.  Well, see, some guys offer Wednesday some money to borrow Donar for a while.  That could lead to worship and revived power and all kinds of good things for Wednesday.  Heck, Donar doesn’t mind right away.

Did I mention these guys were American Nazis?

Nazis ruin everything.

So, when Nazis want Donar to throw a contest of strength, he wants to run away with Columbia.  And Wednesday, he stops them.  That leads to a fight with Donar, one that involves a certain hammer shattering Wednesday’s spear.  That would be why he needs it fixed.  Afterwards, Donar kills himself.  Gods don’t come back from that apparently.

So, yeah, sad story of Wednesday using someone close to him for his own selfish purposes.  Shadow better be taking notes.

Especially since the re-energized spear is felt by Mr. World.  It seems things are moving a bit ahead of schedule…