June 12, 2024

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YouTube Selection: Two Internet Critics Discuss Different Versions Of The Thing

Two YouTube critics take a look at a movie Jimmy and I covered recently for Cultwatch, as well as the book that inspired it.

Jimmy Impossible and I have a feature here called Cultwatch!  The last two we covered were The Thing from Another World and John Carpenter’s remake The Thing.

Internet critic Dominic Noble covered mostly the Carpenter version.  But his show also talks about what changes are made from the books filmmakers base their works on.

Noble’s titled his show “Lost in Adaptation,” and for his show, he covers both a book and movie version of various stories.  He’ll generally talk about what changes movies make and how faithful the movies are before giving an opinion on overall quality.  Apparently, he’s not much for horror movies, so he asked his friend That Movie Chick to join him.  If you’re curious about the original story and what Carpenter kept, see below.