December 8, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “The Day That Was”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Number Five tried to come back in time to stop the apocalypse.

Maybe if he’d arrived ten minutes earlier, he could have.  I doubt it, given what an abrasive guy he is, but there was a better chance of it.

Yeah, most of the stuff that theoretically Number Five could have prevented from last episode happened anyway.  Vanya got mad, and Leonard showed how she has powers.  Luther learned his father never checked the mission reports and was basically ashamed of his ape-torsoed son.  Diego discovers Grace is up and walking around again.  And Klaus wants to be sober enough to talk to his dead soldier boyfriend.  That all still happens, but Number Five (like Luther last episode) insists that with him there, they can all work together to stop the apocalypse, whatever it is.

Of course, these are the former kids of the Umbrella Academy.  They can’t work together to save their lives, especially since this time they have to.  I could point out that this time what breaks them up is mostly not their fault.  Luther screws up a bit, but the others are really, really trying.

For starters, Five did bring back a name to look into to stop the apocalypse:  Harold Jenkins.  Who is he?  The Academy grads don’t know, but they can get information from Diego’s cop insiders and he can check out Harold’s house with Allison and Five.  There’s some disturbing stuff involving, well, them.  Serial killer type stuff.  And that’s when fate steps in to start to break the group up again.

Five passes out from a shrapnel wound he received last episode but was ignoring.  That means taking him back to the house for Grace to patch up.

Then Diego gets arrested as the prime suspect in Eudora Patch’s murder.

As for Luther, he decides to get wasted, and last time he had Allison for company to feel better about his father’s betrayal.  This time he has Klaus.  So, it goes less well, but Klaus (along with dead brother Ben) follows Luther to a rave club where he’s dancing shirtless and high.  Klaus actually knocks a pill out of Luther’s hand to the surprise of both of them, but Luther is already dancing with some girl and just as Klaus might finally be seeing his dead solider boyfriend, he spots a guy getting ready to jump Luther, so he jumps the jumper, hits his head, and goes to the afterlife.

He meets God there.  God takes the form of a young girl on a bike in black and white.  She doesn’t like him, but there is someone for Klaus to see.  Dead solider boyfriend?  Nope.  It’s Sir Reginald Hargreeves.  He’s, well, still the man he was in life, someone who was preparing his children more than caring for them.  Does Sir Reggie take any responsibility for how messed up and miserable his kids are?  Maybe a little for Luther.  That’s it.  No remorse, no regrets, and he committed suicide as the only way to bring the bunch of them together again.  Did he know something?  Something important?  Something vital?  Yes.

Too bad Klaus wakes up alive before he can hear it.

So, that more or less ends the episode.  Diego is in jail.  Klaus and Ben are looking for Luther.  Luther is hooking up with some girl.   Five is unconscious next to the prosthetic eye he found in the rubble post-apocalypse.  Heck, Hazel and Cha-Cha aren’t even able to work together to stop anything since Hazel would rather run off with his donut waitress older girlfriend and Cha-Cha would rather kill Hazel at this point.  And as for Allison, she is following a lead to the location of Harold Jenkins by herself.

So, who is Harold Jenkins?

Well, he was born on the same day as the Umbrella Academy kids.  His birth was ordinary.  No powers, no weirdness.  His mother died after he was born, and his father became an abusive drunk.  Young Harold was obsessed with the Umbrella Academy and tried to join, but Sir Reginald shooed him away in a rather rude way, so Harold went home and killed his father with a hammer.  That got him 12 years in juvie.  Once out, he retrieved the journal Klaus had tossed in a dumpster and has been using it ever since.  He’s the hidden enemy who was hiding in plain sight.

Since we’re running out of characters, he’s obviously Leonard Peabody, Vanya’s new boyfriend.  And Vanya finally gets her powers to work when she violently saves Leonard/Harold from drunken jackasses beating him up.  It looks like she may have killed one or two of the three, but Leonard lost an eye.

An eye?  Huh.

OK, so, Allison is going to Leonard’s grandma’s cabin where he’s been staying with Vanya.  She’s going alone.  Allison is, aside from Vanya, probably the most powerful member of the Academy given she can alter reality with her voice, but the show has mostly had her acting as a maternal figure to Vanya and Luther.  Will she actually do something in the next episode?  Somehow I doubt it.

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