January 22, 2022

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Comic Review: Justice League Volume 2

Magical waters flood the Earth as alien gods return seeking vengeance, and only the Justice League can stop them. Maybe.

Scott Snyder’s Justice League run started off with a new Legion of Doom seeking to harness secret powers of the universe that seem to stand in opposition to the various members of the Justice League.  We’ve seen Gorilla Grodd with the “Still Force” and Sinestro using ultraviolet light.

Now, we see powers in opposition to Aquaman and Wonder Woman come to light.  That all comes in the second volume, subtitled Graveyard of Gods.

The volume starts with the Legion doing evil-things.  Lex Luthor had the Dark Multiverse’s Batman Who Laughs locked in the Legion’s basement.  This Batman’s the guy who makes even the Joker nervous.  After another issue where we see Superman single-handedly rebuild the moon, we get to the main story of the “Drowned Earth.”

By the by, how often can I write a sentence about Superman rebuilding the moon?  And this is the same volume that shows how Batman can still fight and win against bad guys in a full body cast.  Sometimes, I just love comics.  This is pure Silver Age DC silliness at work.  And it does work.  Rule of cool.  Sometimes you just need to do something awesome as opposed to something plausible.

But what is the Drowned Earth?  Well, it seems that in ancient times, ocean gods from other planets came to invade Earth.  Atlantis defeated these gods and sentenced them to the Graveyard of Gods.  Now, thanks to the Legion’s schemes, these gods are loose again.  Their first action?  Steal Aquaman’s powers from him, transfer them to Black Manta, and exile Aquaman to another dimension.

So, between the ocean powers and the Graveyard of Gods, we’ve seen the powers that connect to Aquaman and Wonder Woman.  And while Wonder Woman isn’t unimportant to the proceedings, this is really an Aquaman story.  When alien gods flood the world with magical water that turn anyone it touches into a fish monster, then you need the guy who can talk to fish.  Aquaman needs to get to the bottom of the thing that made the sea gods so angry, and he won’t have much help to do it.  Mera is there, Superman injured, Flash infected with the water, and a portion of the League is off in space.  Batman is protecting a cosmic doorknob.  It all comes down to the once and future sea king being the man he was meant to be.

Bottom line:  on the surface, this is a very silly story.  But really, that’s what makes this story so much fun.  I got into superhero comics for the awesome stuff.  And some of the stuff I’ve liked best is ridiculous.  Snyder and co-writer James Tynion IV’s Justice League is the right kind of silly.

Plus, how often does Aquaman get to show how special he can be?

9 out of 10 allies in jars.

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