February 29, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Three Doctors Part 4”

The Third Doctor. "The Three Doctors," Final Episode.

Well, that was satisfying.

I mean, I knew the First Doctor wasn’t going to physically join the others.  William Hartnell’s health wouldn’t have permitted it, but he does get more than one quick scene in this episode.  He gets three. And he’s just as vital to saving the day as the other two despite his very limited screen time.

Essentially, we’ve seen the latter two Doctors engage in a mindmeld, but to beat Omega, they’ll need all three to do it.  So, ultimately, the First Doctor keeps them focused, the Second Doctor figures out Omega’s weakness by being annoying (it’s Omega’s temper), and the Third Doctor realizes what they have that can save the day.  What is it that can save the day?

The Second Doctor’s recorder.

He’d dropped it into the TARDIS’ forcefield generator.  As such, it was the only thing in a world of anti-matter that was made of regular matter.  And by this point, Omega was just a consciousness pure will kept alive.

So, yes, we see the Brigadier, Jo, Benton, Tyler, and the game warden make a break for it in Bessie.  We see the Doctors argue a bit before they come to appreciate each other.  And we see a bad guy defeat himself by simply knocking a gadget aside and letting the recorder fall out of machine, destroying the black hole and somehow sending everything transported to the anti-matter world back to exactly where it came from originally.

So, no one died except Omega, and he probably wanted that since it was the only way out.  The Doctors all say goodbye to each other, and…I freakin’ loved this serial.  Yeah, maybe the First Doctor wasn’t in it all that much, but both he and the Second Doctor seemed about right.  Heck, this almost felt like a Second Doctor adventure with the Third doing his thing along for the ride.

But then, at the end, the Time Lords gave the Doctor the ability to travel through time and space again.  I have preferred many of the Third Doctor’s adventures when he actually did some time and space travel, so I’m expecting something closer to the show I really got into way back when I ran out of Simpsons episodes.

As such, let’s see what comes next.