September 24, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Return To The Balmera”

Season One, Episode Seven.

And we’re back from our one week break to see the Paladins go are also returning to somewhere they’ve been before.

It’s like everything goes round in circles.

Yes, Hunk’s desire to free the people of the Balmera is coming to fruition.  As Coran and Allura explain, the Balmera is a living thing the size of a planet that produces crystals.  These crystals act as power sources for all manner of things throughout the universe.  There’s a ritual done to heal the Balmera after every extraction.   But the Galran haven’t been doing those things because they aren’t one with the universe or whatever the reason.  The Galran just suck.

Whatever the reason, the Paladins need to take out the Galran forces without hitting the Balmera and hurting it more than it already is.  That means the Paladins fly down in their separate lions, attacking a giant gun battery, and discovering more secret powers for each lion.  The Black Lion has a mouth razor blade, the Blue Lion can freeze stuff, the Green Lion can do camouflage, and the Red Lion can shoot fire.  And once the guns are silenced, the Paladins can split up and sneak around inside on foot.  Keith and Lance go to take care of a hanger full of fighter craft.  Shiro and Pidge go looking for other Galran forces, and Hunk searches for the prison where his friend Shay may be thanks to her no good brother Rax.

But then some weird things happen.  Shiro and Pidge don’t really find anything.  Lance has a good idea to close up the hanger without hurting the Balmera.  Lance having a good idea is always weird.  Hunk does find Shay in the Balmera’s core.  When the other Paladins join him there, they are trapped inside because it was a trap and that’s what traps do.  Did I use the word “trap” enough in that sentence?

And for more trap-related news, a Galran fleet attacks Allura and Coran in their spaceship/castle.  Plus a giant command ship.

Fortunately, Shay can communicate through the Balmera with others of her kind.  Even her scared, no good brother Rax sees they need to help the Paladins.  The Paladins get free, destroy the fighters, and then form Voltron to take out the much larger cruiser ship before it can blow Allura’s movie castle to kingdom come.

This plan did not please Zarkon, coming as it did from an ambitious but not overly competent underling.

So, the Balmera is free now, right?  Well, maybe not.  It looks like another Robeast just landed there…