February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Three Doctors Part 2”

The Third Doctor. "The Three Doctors," Episode Two.

Man, it feels like the Second Doctor never left.

Of course, plot-wise, the Third Doctor did.

So, basically, we can divide episode two into two storylines.  There’s one for the Third Doctor being his heroic self, and one for the Second to screw around and cause trouble.

In one, we have Jo, the Third Doctor, and one Dr. Tyler, stuck in a world of jelly mold monsters and all the other stuff that the monsters zapped, including Bessie and various lab equipment.  Oh, and a game warden.  It looks like everyone and everything that the monsters zapped ended up in what is, apparently, an anti-matter world in the middle of a black hole.  Not a whole lot happens there aside from the mold monsters capturing Jo, Tyler, and the Doctor and taking them to a compound of some kind.  Then Tyler tries to make a run for it, but he doesn’t get very far and ends up back where he started.  Who is holding them?  I dunno.  We don’t find out this episode.

Meanwhile back on Earth, we have the Second Doctor dealing with the fallout of the Third Doctor’s disappearance.  And man, the Brigadier is actually glad to see him.  I guess we know which Doctor he prefers to work with.  Naturally, he’d rather the klutz to the guy who keeps insulting him to his face.  Granted, the Brigadier doesn’t quite understand that there was, very briefly, two different Doctors.  He’s just worried about what he’s going to tell his superiors.  He even thinks he can introduce the Second Doctor as the Third’s assistant (that does not sit well with #2).

And then Sergeant Benton, left alone with the anti-matter monster that zapped everything, tosses a gum wrapper at it.  That must have been a plot point for Jamie.  Benton’s not usually that careless..  Plus, the machine the Second Doctor jury-rigged to stop the thing…doesn’t stop it.  It makes things worse, forcing Benton, the Second Doctor, and the Brigadier into the TARDIS, and all the Second Doctor wants to know is where his recorder is.

But then the First Doctor appears on the monitor again with the advice to turn off the forcefield.  Sure, that would mean the TARDIS would be vulnerable to the attack…and then the Second Doctor realizes that’s the point, drops the field, and then the next zap does indeed transport the TARDIS to the anti-matter world…along with the entire UNIT HQ.

Granted, that may not work out too well for someone.

Of course, I’ve missed the Second Doctor.  Seeing the cosmic hobo screw around and cause trouble for UNIT is a lot of fun.