April 19, 2024

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A Correction

There was an error in yesterday's Dark Phoenix review.

My Dark Phoenix review went up yesterday.  I don’t generally get much feedback on my work here, but something did come through yesterday.

I made a mistake.

Spoiler-free talk below.

I mentioned in yesterday’s article that the Gabbing Geek crowd had nicknamed the last X-Men movie “Bad Sansa“.  Who said it?  I wasn’t sure.  I guessed Jenny.

It was then brought to my attention that Jimmy Impossible probably coined that phrase.  Who told me that?  Jimmy did.  And, upon reflection, Jimmy is probably right.

We here at Gabbing Geek greatly believe in accuracy in our writing.  Facts matter.  How else would anyone win a coffee bet?  Because some people get off on the shame of making other people buy coffee for them, we must always be aware of the facts.  Bad facts mean no coffee, or worse, incorrect coffee.  Or so I am told.  I don’t drink coffee or revel in the shame of others.  That there probably explains more about my Game of Thrones death pool picks than anything else.  That and I didn’t care if I won.  Mostly the latter.

Anyway, we should always get things right.  Getting things right in this case means giving Jimmy credit for Bad Sansa.  As an academic, I also believe I should always give proper credit to those deserving.  That’s the true life of a scholar.

Of course, I had incorrectly assumed Jenny made the original comment.  I knew the correct answer began with a “J,” but did Jenny correct me?  Nope!  That would require Jenny to read these articles.  I don’t think she’s done that in quite some time.  I mean, her name is on the site.  You’d think she would want to keep it honest.  Oh well.

Thanks for all your hard work, Jimmy!