July 4, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “The Day That Wasn’t”

Season One, Episode Six.

You know, seeing the various Hargeeves squabble, it’s no wonder the kids of the Umbrella Academy couldn’t stop the apocalypse.

Then again, Klaus apparently just appeared in the middle of Vietnam.  No one stopped to think no one had seen him before.  They just tossed him a uniform and a gun before sending him off to fight in the middle of a nocturnal attack on a base.  Maybe I shouldn’t put too much stock in any person in this universe.

I mean, we start off with Luther, Allison, Diego, and Klaus having a family meeting about all this end times stuff.  Luther is sure that they can change history because Number Five is with them this time.  Plus, Luther believes that whatever is it they are looking into must be connected to the moon.  Why else would their father have sent him up there to run tests and send readings down to Hargreeves Manor every day for four years?  Who will help him?

Nobody.  Five is missing.  Vanya walks in with Leonard and sees a family meeting happening without her and walks right back out again, really mad.  So mad she’s altering reality as she goes down the street, bending lampposts and causing rain and…uh oh.

As for the others, they have their own plans.  Allison (the one with the reality-altering voice whose role on the show is to be a mother figure while all the boys go out and do stuff) wants to get home to her daughter before the world ends.   Klaus wants to dry out and speak to his dead solider boyfriend before the world ends.  Diego wants to…do whatever it is he does.

That leads to some of the Hargreeves finding things.  Luther, the last one to leave his father, finds all his moon samples and reports unopened.  Because, according to Pogo, Sir Reginald mostly didn’t want to have to deal with Luther’s medically-induced deformity.

Vanya also finds something:  her father’s journal (in Leonard’s house…huh…) saying Sir Reginald knew all about Vanya’s powers, how dangerous they were, and how he kept her medicated.

And then there’s Diego.  He finds Grace walking around, and she needs to tell him something.

So, aside from Luther and Allison confessing feelings for each other, this was another disaster of a day for the Umbrella Academy.

Except, Number Five did do something.

See, he joined that time monitoring group and got a cubicle job.  And as he played along, he gathered info on what could maybe stop the apocalypse, sending messages to Hazel and Cha-Cha instructing them to each kill the other, and then finally blew the place up with some hand grenades and slipped back into the past, arriving just as the family meeting was starting to tell everyone that he knew they could prevail because this time he was there to help…which was what Luther said before.  Plus, he has a name on who to find and stop to save the world:  Harold Jenkins.

No, no one knows who exactly that is.

So, that whole day didn’t happen then?  The episode title speaks truth.

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